Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 31....blogging is harddddddd

Day 31...Blogging is hardddddd.....

We did it!!!! We made it through the 31 Days of Blogging challenge!!!! Gigantic shout out to Faith, Allie & Juliette for hosting this amazing challenge. Seriously guys, this month has been so much fun and there have been so many great topics!! With all of that said, blogging is definitely not all relaxing and good times...It is hard!! For the final day in the challenge, I am going to tell you about all of the reasons why blogging is hard work.

It takes time---it is rare that I will spend less than 30 minutes writing a blog post. Sure, I could knock out a few of my favorite things in 5 minutes, but then I have to add the links, the pics, the GIFs...the whole sha-bang. The average time it takes to write a post is about 45 minutes...multiply that by 31 and I have spent AT LEAST 1,395 minutes blogging this month. That breaks down to a little over 23!!!!

Some of the topics are really challenging...I can easily come up with one thing that makes me go hmmm, but thinking of 5 or 10 things? That's a whole different story. Suddenly 45 minutes turns into an hour and a half, most of which is spent racking my brain for something that made me wonder why.

You get seriously sidetracked. Try looking on Pinterest for something...anything at all. Suddenly what started as a recipe for chicken turns into a dog in a chicken costume, which of course leads you to google "pets in costumes," and you eventually end up on some crazy ass page about the strangest pregnancy photo shoots. Trust me, no matter how focused you are, you will ALWAYS end up sidetracked.

It is a huge commitment. Skipping a day or 2 here and there is ok, but what happens when you go out to dinner on the 3rd day, have a cold the 4th and 5th day and then decide to watch a movie on the 6th day? Suddenly it has been a week since your last post, people have lost interest and you have no idea what's going on in the blog world. Blogging is a huge commitment. And I don't even have kids!! Kudos to all you mommy bloggers out there!!

If you have a boring week, you have zero to write about. Sure, this month was a piece of cake when it came to what I should write about. But guess what? The month is over, and now I have nothing to talk about. I've pretty much spilled every favorite, everything I love, what I do when I am alone and some things that I can't live without. Now what?? Let's hope that there are some fun happenings over the next month!

Well ladies, this challenge has been wonderful. I have enjoyed getting to know all of you and hopefully I was able to keep you semi-entertained. I am looking forward to taking a day (or maybe a few days) off from the blogging world. That is, of course, after tomorrow's VLOG Accent Challenge!! Make sure you tune in to find out what I really sound like! :)


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