Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to be a terrible blogger

How to be a terrible blogger

Forgive the random 2 week blogging hiatus, things have been a little crazy around here lately! I transferred from one branch to another at work, we have been some yard-sale fools and let's face it, Christmas shopping is the most fun thing ever. Add to that the fact that it is f-r-eeee-zing here in the sunshine state and you have yourself a terrible blogger. Let's catch up, shall we???

Like I mentioned, I moved from one branch to another at work. I was in my old position for almost 3 years and it was time for a change. The best thing about banking is that there are so many different departments and positions to transfer between, so you never get bored! My new branch is fantastic and amazing and a million other adjectives all wrapped into one...annnnnd I love it. It's closer to home, a zillion times less stressful, and I get to have lunch with the hubs every day. Sounds like a winner to me!

Now let's talk about babies! Babies, you ask? But Brianna, you are a cranky bitter infertile who HATES talking about babies...true story..HOWEVERRRR, sometimes a little baby talk is exciting! In March and May of 2015 we will be adding niece or nephew numbers 9 & 10 to the bunch! My sister-in-law is preggers with # 9 and my big sis will be adding # 10. Holy ridiculous amount of birthdays to remember! It's a good thing I'm the best aunt in the universe...(fyi, I am also the favorite aunt in the universe---candy, gum, soda, lipstick, jewelry? Sure, just come see aunt nanna..I'll give you whatever you want!) FYI, if you are also a cranky bitter infertile you should probably steer clear of this page during those months. There will be baby overload and I'm not even sorry.

Ummm, does anyone else realize that Christmas is in 37 days?! THIRTY SEVEN days people! It's a good thing we decorate our house in like September--one less thing to worry about. Let's discuss where we are with our shopping, shall we? We are finally done shopping for everyone in our family. D.O.N.E. Done! And we somehow managed to save like $3,000 from last year so, awesome. The gift shopping for the hubs is a different story. I literally have like 4 things for him (and if you know me or the hubs, that is completely unacceptable!), so I need to get on the ball!! Since we are bitter cranky infertiles (see above) with no kids, we spoil each other instead, and it is the best. Christmas morning literally consists of a ginormous pile of presents under the tree, on the couch, in front of the TV..pretty much every inch of usable space...and I guarantee we have more fun than you opening our gifts!! Now I just have to get to the store and buy everything....

In other news...my dad is moving down here from Philly in 2 weeks! If you don't already know, my parents have been divorced for like umpteen years..I swear I think they only got married to create three beautiful little girls and then decided "Hey, we hate eachother...let's fight for 10 more years and then eventually be friends." ((Did I forget to mention that my divorced parents and my step-momma are friends?)) Anyway, holidays and birthdays and Saturdays are soooooo much easier when you don't have to split them up between parents..and now both of my parents will be within 5 minutes of me which means I can be even MORE lazy!! Andd that also means that we only have to work on moving my big sis and the hubby's big sis down here and we will be good to go!!

I hope everyone is staying warm in this crazy ass weather..Seriously, it was 72º outside on Sunday, and the low for today is 25º...ummm, how is that even possible??? Anyway, I promise not to leave you again for 2 weeks!! (ok I don't promise, because that would be asking for failure...but I'll try my hardest!!)

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