Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 4...All things America!!

Day 4...All Things America!!!

 Took this pic from the steps of the Art Museum in Philly...Since it incorporates my hometown and the U.S. of A, it's a double win.

Is it cheating if I write a short post for today? I'm still taking part in the challenge, so technically I don't think it's cheating...besides, the way I look at it, it's Friday, I am off from work, and most people are drunk right now anyway...

Just to make sure I am keeping with the month-o’-blogging challenge, I will write about my 5 favorite American things:

*Freedom of speech
*Country Music
*Cheese steaks

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th of July!!!!! Tomorrow I will let you in on some super powers that I wish I had, and we are only a few days away from one of my most embarrassing stories!!!


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