Friday, August 21, 2015

I can't believe it's not chocolate!!!!

I can't believe it's not chocolate!!!

Way back in 1964, the fabulous Italians created a creamy, sweet, hazelnutty spread. It hit the market as an instant success and has increased in popularity ever since. This spread is better known as Nutella.

((Can we talk about this picture for a moment, and how
the sheer drippy-ness makes my OCD want to cry?))

Fast forward 51 years--

It recently occurred to both the hubs and myself that neither of us had ever tried Nutella. There was no particular reason behind not trying it, we just hadn't gotten around to it. We aren't really huge chocolate people (unless you count Snickers and Kit-Kats as chocolate...then that's a different story) and we just assumed that it tasted sweet and bitter and chocolate-y, so we had no interest in trying it. For whatever reason, when I was in line at the store the other day, I noticed one of the Nutella-to-go snack packs and decided why the hell not?! It was like $2.00, so if we hated it we could always toss it. Hubs laughed at me when I got in the car---another one of my bright ideas, right? bite of the creamy goodness and we realized what we had been missing all this time!! First of all, the texture was like heaven. Smooth and silky and wonderful! And the taste!! Ok, so you know how melted chocolate looks so delicious, and then you eat a spoonful and it is so unbelievably bitter and chocolate-y that you instantly regret it? (No, only me?..) Anyway, Nutella literally tastes exactly like melted chocolate, but without the weird bitter sweetness. I was shoving spoonfuls fingerfulls of the spread in my mouth at alarming speeds, each bite as tasty as the last!! How had I not tried this before?!? And why had I not bought 17 to-go packs?!?! And even crazier---did hubs try something new and ENJOY it?!?!?! This was a momentous occasion for the record books!

Most of you are probably reading this post thinking "Seriously, this chick is crazy for waiting so long to try this!! Does she live under a rock?!?" While this may be true, you should also know that I still haven't seen ET or Scarface, I didn't kiss a boy until I was like 15, and I've never parked in a handicapped spot. Like, ever. Let's just say I'm a little behind the times.

I haven't been to the grocery store since expanding my taste horizons, but you bet your sweet ass we will be picking up some Nutella on our next trip...and maybe Cheetos...because, obviously...

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