Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 13...The one thing I can't live without...and 3 others I wouldn't want to...

Day 13...The one thing I can't live without...and 3 others I wouldn't want to...

Day 13 already!?! I can't believe the challenge is almost halfway over--and I REALLY can't believe that I have stuck around the whole time! ::up high:: Today's topic is the one thing that I can't live without...ummm, seriously, I have to pick just ONE!?!? Since I am not allowed to use people or pets (we can just assume that I can't live without them) I really had to dig deep to think about what I would have the hardest time living without...A few frontrunners?

Redbull...It sucks not having my daily caffeine but could I live without it? I'd be tired and miserable but sure, I could live without it.

Tampons...I don't know about you, but tampons are super important to me. I mean c'mon they save me from wearing the dreaded pad and they fit in that tiny useless pocket on your jeans. But if I HAD to, I guess I could shove some TP in there and deal without them.

Chapstick...ok, so this was the hardest for me to admit that I could live without (and if the hubs is reading this right now, I should be expecting a told ya so text anytime). I am absolutely 150% addicted to chapstick. Like, more than caffeine. I reapply it like 450 times a day, and as soon as my lips get dry I start freaking out. Seriously guys, it's really bad. Buttttt, I guess if there was a gun to my head and I had to choose between keeping the beloved chapstick or tossing it, I would consider throwing it away (ugh it hurts to even say it).

Now that I've told you 3 things that I could live without if I absolutely positively had to, I will tell you the one thing that would be the hardest to live without. I know that this will seem like the least thought out and most obvious answer, but sometimes that is the most truthful one. This item has been there for me in hard times (like when my car battery died every day for 2 weeks and I had to call the hubs to come get me), it has gotten me through many a boring, rainy night (candy crush anyone) and it has solved more of life's mysteries than I can count (omg I think I would cry if Google went away). The number one thing that I could not live without it.....

**My cell phone**

Think about it for a minute....

Ran out of gas on the side of the road?? Pick up your cell phone and call for help. (Although I'm sure MacGyver could use the tube of chapstick and the tampon and create his own fuel..)

Sitting in the doctor's office waiting room for 3 hours?? Seems like a good time to catch up on Season 3 of The Walking Dead on Netflix.


You know how when you are driving down the interstate and you see a rainbow/thunder cloud/water spout in the distance..damn, if only I had a camera handy...oh, wait, I do!

Can't remember the name of that girl with the brown hair who was in that movie with the tall guy? You know the one, with the dog and the blue car? to the rescue!

Hard day at work? Feel like sinking down in the tub and crying over Adele radio on Pandora? There's an app for that...

Sitting at Olive Garden with 7 friends and need to split the bill evenly, then figure out tip? Unless one of your friends is a closet rain main, I'd be reaching for my calculator right now.


On the way to get a haircut, but first....#lemmetakeaselfie

OMG it's Friday night and you are reminiscing about that party/wedding/baby shower/drunken night that happened umpteen years ago. Luckily, you posted the pictures to FB and even more lucky, you can access it in all of 3 seconds from your phone..

Driving to the next town over, you suddenly realize that you turned right when you should have turned left, and now you are in a boondock town with tumbleweeds rolling by. Considering you left your map in 7th grade and you were too cheap to buy that $250 gps, you're pretty much screwed. Oh wait...


And the most basic thing---need to call and order a pizza? How about check your bank account balance? Let your hubby know that you will be late because they were having a sale at Rue21? Pick up that cell phone!


I'm interested to see how many people will choose this as their one thing. Obviously there are a million things that I wouldn't want to live without, but I fell like my cell phone would be the hardest to give up. How did people do in the 80's and 90's without phones?!!

Tomorrow I will be answering some questions that have been provided by the hosts of this lovely challenge, Juliette, Faith & Allie. Make sure you stop back---there are some interesting questions on there!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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