Friday, May 30, 2014

May iPhone Instadump

May iPhone Insta-dump

My original plan was to do a 5 things I'm loving / 5 on Friday post, but instead I decided to mix it up a bit. Welcome to my "May i-Phone Insta-dump / Five things I'm Loving Friday." Enjoy!

1. This Lipstick:
NYX Shocking Pink Matte Lip color
Its amazingly bright...its not gross and sticky like gloss..and it costs like $4 bucks

2. Florida Living:
This beautiful rainbow outside of our house
The brightest, bluest, most never ending sky I've ever seen
This ridiculous 5 inch spider crawling in our garage

3. These babies:
Aiv with his new side part
Annie Boo, Caleb, William, Josh & Nick
Cammie Girl
Max Mofo

 4.  Graduations:
 Baby sis-in-law graduated high school this week! 
Last one for 5 years until my baby brother graduates--OMG he is getting so old!
Mannie, Em, Gina, Mary, Stacey, Kimmy, Moi
Me and the graduate
My hubby and his baby sis

5. This guy:
My best friend
My soulmate
My hubby

Enjoy your weekend!!! Happy Friday!!!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Here's your sign

Here's your sign

Some days it is hard to come up with a blog post. You can rack your brain for hours, turning over countless terrible ideas in your head, realize that you have absolutely nothing to talk about, and end up researching bio-luminescent sea creatures (seriously, no joke...this is usually where I end up). On days like this, you have 2 options: Option 1 is to draft up a mediocre blog post, read and then re-read your work, realize that even you think it sucks and then finally decide that the blogging world would be better off reading about Vampyroteuthis Infernalis (look it up, I dare you...), so you delete the entire thing. Option 2 is to forgo a post altogether.

Then there are other days. Days like today. Days where I just so happened to be staring blankly out the door, debating post ideas in my head, when suddenly the perfect idea walks right into my office. Picture this...a man walks in with a confused look on his face. I ask him how I can help him, and his response? "Is this the 1st floor?" :::Crickets::: First of all, directly next to where he was standing is a floor to ceiling window. And do you know what is fully visible through this window? The sidewalk. Second of all, you entered the building, correct? Do you recall climbing any stairs? Did you get into a big box with a bunch of buttons and push "2" or "6" or any of the other numbers? Were you drugged and dropped off in this random location, unaware of your surroundings? No? Then why, if I may ask, are you unsure whether or not you are on the first floor? Despite my originally intended remarks, I politely told him that yes, we are on the first floor. As he thanked me and walked away, I silently whispered "Here's your sign..."

If you read the last line above and are not sure what I meant by it, you NEED to watch the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. I know it is like 10 years old and seems like a bunch of drunk rednecks standing on a stage (which I can assure you, it is), but man is it funny! Basically, a "Here's your sign" is when someone says or does something so obvious, so in-your-face-are-you-kidding-me that you just want to laugh. Like, literally laugh in their face. In order to avoid actually laughing in someone's face, "here's your sign" was created. Just think of it as a nicer way of saying "Seriously dumbass, did you really just ask that question?"


You answer the phone and someone asks for John. You call out to John, hand him the phone, and he asks, "Is it for me?" ---Here's your sign

You spend an hour getting ready and you are headed out the door with your keys. Someone asks, "Are you going out?" ---Here's your sign

You are waiting in line for the bathroom in a mall/restaurant/bar. Someone comes out of the stall, looks at you, and says, "Do you need to use the restroom?" ---Here's your sign

Like I said, if you haven't heard his stand-up before, its worth checking out. Pretty comical stuff.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!! Almost Friiiidayyyy!!!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tie-Dye & Ribbons

Tie-Dye & Ribbons

So I know that I am on a shopping diet and I am doing AMAZING with it, but I HAD to cheat this weekend! I am going through serious shopping withdrawals!! I didn't go crazy, just bought a few items, but I feel so much better! Like, 100 pounds lighter and 50x less anxious. Seriously, shopping is like my therapy, and I have been without it for like 2 months. In honor of my mini-shopping trip, I decided to share a little outfit post with you today :) I am in love with my new tie-dye maxi skirt, and this shirt---OMG loveeeee!!!! Threw a polka dot ribbon in my hair and this outfit was a winner!

<3 me and the hubs <3

Top & Skirt: Bealls
Tank: Hollister
Hair Ribbon: A basic piece of ribbon :)
Earrings: Rue21
Sunnies: American Eagle

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MDW Shenanigans

MDW Shenanigans

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!! Our weekend was full of relaxing, sitting by the pool and hosting a kick-ass Memorial Day BBQ! Yesterday's official head count in our 1,200 square foot house?? 26 people. You read that right. We somehow squeezed 26 crazy family members, 1 dog and way too much food into our not-so-spacious house. And you know what? It.was.awesome. It was crowded, it was loud and my air conditioner was practically choking from working overtime, but we had a great time!! We had delicious s'mores (during which 1 nephew almost caught another nephew on fire...true story) and a pool full of sodas that my niece may or may not have peed in (ok she to say everyone's soda drinking was done for the night after that.) What would a BBQ be without a little insanity, right? Here are some pictures to document the day:


My yummy Jello-Fruit dessert 

((the pool I was referring to above))

OMG I almost forgot about what happened on Sunday! Literally had me laughing for like an hour! So here we are in the pool, relaxing and throwing the ball back and forth. The normal rule is that when the ball goes out of the pool, the person who misses it has to climb out and get it. One exception is when the kids are in the pool with us--we normally lift them over the sides, they grab the ball and we lift them back into the pool. Now that my niece is a little older, she gets to join in on the ball-grabbing-fun (which is basically a glorified version of fetch, involving kids instead of a dog...we're a real stand up group let me tell ya)..Anywho, Cammie girl gets lifted over the side, grabs the ball and walks back over to the pool. Before making it all the way back, however, something must have caught her attention. At the exact moment that she starts RUNNING to the other side of the yard, we all notice exactly what she is running for. One thing that I should also mention is that my dog poops like a dinosaur. Seriously, the piles are like a foot tall---I don't even understand how. Anyway, there just so happened to be a fresh pile of dinosaur droppings sitting about 15 feet from Cammie. She takes off at a full sprint  and my brother-in-law somehow managed to clear the side of the pool and get to the other side of the yard in about a quarter of a second. Luckily, he caught her in time, but let me tell you, It was one of the funniest things I have seen in so long. My sister and I were dying laughing in the pool, and Cammie just thought it was the greatest thing ever. Oh, good times with the babies.

Have a great Tuesday!!

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Summa-summa-summa time


It's Friday!!! And what better to do on Friday (ok other than go to the beach and bask in the glorious sun) than a Five-on-Friday post?!?!

Here are 5 things I am loving right now:

1. Milani Quick-Dry Polish in Teal
I have been looking everywhere for this color, and I finally found it at Walgreen's the other day!! Best part? It was 50% off!!! Second best part? It drys in like 45 seconds!!

And here it is on my nails:
SUCH a fun color for the summer!!!
(Jamberry black lace on my ring finger)

2. Three Day Weekends!! 
They come so few and far between, but they are SO worth the wait!! A whole extra day to do nothing!? I'm in!!

3. The Weather
Speaking of 3 days weekends, how about this amazingly exciting weather forecast!!:

That's is currently 90º outside right now!! And it will be 93º all weekend!!!! Seriously, I am having trouble containing my excitement!! You should now better understand the title of today's post...

4. The Walking Dead!! 
We are almost done with Season 2 (OMG what am I going to do!?!) and I am on the edge of my seat!! Like, obviously, I know what happens (in part because my momma told me, in part because certain characters are no longer on the show!) but I am so anxious and excited about the next few episodes!!!!

5. Cornbread Hot Dogs
So I found a recipe for Mini Corn Dog Muffins here and they looked so yummy!!! I figured since we will be having a Memorial Day bar-b-que this weekend, what better time to try them out!?! Seriously, how cute are they:

 I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!! And I hope that wherever you are, your weather is half as good as ours is going to be...if not, move your tush down to the sunshine state!!!!


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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Speaking of crafts

Speaking of crafts

The Rustic Guest Room decor is coming out wonderfully!! I just wanted to share a quick little sneak peak at a few more of the pieces that we have made so far. By the way, everything we are making has been out of free pallets---score!!!

Here is another finished string art:

This one was much less tedious that the last one (seen here), and I feel like the end result is much better! I kind of wish that I could make like 50 of them and hang them up all over the house, but then it might be overkill...we'll see :)

The other finished piece is a shelf-slash-dresser-slash-thing-that-will-hold-the-cable-box. My momma saw the idea online and I LOVED it, so we got to building. We took one 10 foot long pallet and cut it in half, then basically folded it into itself. Some nails here and some stain there (ok, some stain everywhere--everyone's arms, my brother-in-law's leg, the garage floor) and this is the finished product:

The picture doesn't really do it justice, in part because I am a terrible photographer and in part because the lighting in the room was way too bright. I swear, once the entire room is put together I will take a better picture of everything!!

And now for your viewing pleasure, I will share with you the hubby in action (FYI--I am obsessed with watching him work...something about him doing manual labor--love it!!) him...

 That's it for today, just wanted to drop in and get everyone's creative juices flowing! 

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Titanic in the backyard

Titanic in the backyard

I know, I have been totally absent around here for the past few days. I wish that I could say I had some great excuse, like we took off to Ireland for the week or we won a million dollars and were currently swimming in our winnings. Sadly, neither of those are true, and the only excuse I have for not blogging is that for the past 3 nights we have been watching season 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead. I am a total bandwagon Walker--I didn't start watching until Season 3--so I have never seen the beginning of the show. OHMYGOD it is amazing!! Me and the hubby are even more hooked now than we were before!! If you are a fan of the show then you know exactly what I mean!! My plan for tonight? Take a wild guess.....

This past weekend I planned on soaking up some beautiful Florida sun from the comfort of our backyard pool. We blew up all of the floats and tubes, loaded the squirts up with some sunscreen and headed out back. As we climbed the ladder and inched our way into the water, we suddenly realized a few things:

1. It is only May 17th
2. The water has only been in the pool for 1 week
3. The temperature outside has not reached above 90 yet
4. Our pool was officially colder than the Titanic joke

Needless to say, my ankles and shins were the only thing to touch the pool this weekend. Think we jumped the gun a little bit? Since the pool was out of the question, I decided to crisp brown myself in the sun for the remainder of the afternoon, and it was lovely! The time of year for bikinis, tan legs and millions of mosquitoes has finally arrived!!! (Speaking of mosquitoes, did you know that there is a truck that drives up and down all of the streets and sprays mosquito repellant every few days in the summer?! I had never heard of it until moving down here--apparently the mosquitoes are like 50 times worse down here so they have to constantly treat the fact, right?)

Anyway, I FINALLY took some outfit pictures!! Took long enough, right? You can thank my hubby for making me change out of my bathing suit into real clothes to go to dinner. 

Skinnies: Rue 21 / Cropped Tie Front Shirt: Can't remember, it was on a whim (similar here) /
Brown Tank: Hollister / Jewelry: Rue 21 / Watch: Kenneth Cole / Sunnies: American Eagle / Shoes: Target

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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