Monday, April 7, 2014

Spoilers, makeup and green--oh my!

Spoilers, Makeup & Green...oh my!

First of all, I would like to start out everyone's week by saying that Sunday sucks without TWD. My whole routine is thrown off, and now I have to wait until OCTOBER to find out what happened to Beth!! Did the cannibals eat her? Will she meet up with Carol and Tyrese to save the day? Did she join the crazies at Terminus? Ugh anxious and distraught don't even touch the surface of my mood right about now!

This weekend was pretty low key considering the weather was awful. The little squirts attempted a picture with the Easter bunny (which was partially successful) during our mall trip, and yesterday consisted of some house cleaning and laundry. I also watched an awesome movie on Lifetime called "The Stepfather," and I was glued to the TV! First of all, Penn Badgley...hello!?! Reason enough to watch it right there...Second of all, it was super suspenseful--is he going to get caught? Is the dad in the freezer? Ok I just pulled a major spoiler alert, and I'm not too sorry...

Speaking of the mall trip, I may or may not have purchased (ok I did) the beloved foundation that I spoke of in Saturday's post. OMGSH I love it even more in my shade than the free-sample-oompa-loompa shade that I got in the mail. I still can't believe I spent so much on one bottle of makeup, but since my hubby is the best he paid for it before I could change my mind..gotta love him!!!
 <3 I'm in love <3 
Can be purchased here
(Comes in 10 different shades)

Here are some shots of what I wore this weekend...the green seemed to go with the dreariness of the day, and the white pants were my silent plea for the summer to get here faster! And of course Cammie girl had to sneak in to some of the shots with me :)

Pants, Jewelry & Belt: Rue21
Boyfriend Tee: Target (here)
Sunnies: American Eagle (here)
Shoes: Body Central (here on sale!)

Watch: Gift from hubby
Abalone & mother of Pearl Bracelet: Arizona maybe?
Spike Bracelet: Rue21 

ALSO, on a completely unrelated note, I pulled out my summer floppy hat this weekend and realized that if I added a ribbon and flower I could change the whole look of the hat!! Scorrrree!!!

I hope everyone is having a sunnier, less dreary Monday than we are having down here in the sunshine ridiculously rainy state.