Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 12...Five people I would invite to dinner.....

Day 12...Five people I would invite to dinner.....

Happy Saturday!!! Today’s topic is super awesome and I was looking forward to it all week!! (almost as much as I am looking forward to sharing my top 3 blogs with you next week!!) I am going to share with you the 5 people that I would love to have dinner with (dead or alive). Had you asked me this very same question 15 years ago, my answer would have been Nick Carter, for obvious reasons of course. Today my tune is a little different, and I put just a tad more effort and thought into it. So---if there were any 5 people that I could have dinner with, it would be………….

1. Morgan Freeman

I don’t know what it is about Morgan Freeman, but every time I hear him talk I am all but mesmerized. He has one of those voices that could put you to sleep in an instant, but then catch your attention just as quick. And after watching countless movies, hearing numerous voice-overs and narrations, and catching quick clips here and there on the internet, I’ve come to the conclusion that he would be awesome to have dinner with. I bet he is one of the most interesting people you could meet---of course I am basing this solely on the scripts and lines that he is given to read---but he just comes off as brilliant! He would be at the head of the dinner table.

2. Vincent Van Gogh

Right next to Morgan Freeman would be Van Gogh. For starters, his paintings are amazing. Our house is literally covered in his art, and if I weren’t out of wall space I would have bought more by now. I would love to pick his brain about why he used such crazy insane colors when most artists were sticking to boring and calm. I would ask him what the hell possessed him to cut part of his ear off, mentally insane or not! And I would definitely tell him to stick around for awhile---tell him that although he only sold one painting while he was alive, he has now become one of the most recognizable artists ever.

3. Eva Braun

For anyone who may not know who Eva Braun is, she was Hitler's wife for less than 40 hours. (Hitler and Braun dated for years prior to getting married, then committed suicide just hours after getting married). As much as I would want to kick her ass right out of that chair, I would have a million questions for her while at the dinner table. Why would you ever support your boyfriend/husband in this crazy plan? Why wouldn't you do something, anything to stop it? You attempted suicide several times after feeling alone--why not just turn the gun on Hitler instead?! And above all else---why would you stick around, knowing well and good what he was up to!?? Crazy ass, co-dependent women!

4. Nostradamus

I know that some people think that Nostradamus was insane and none of his predictions or prophecies have panned out. I am not going to argue one way or another about right or wrong, true or false. What I will say is that he would be one awesome dinner guest. Just imagine asking him about the things he has seen, and comparing it to what we have experienced in today’s world.  Some of the most famous predictions that he is known for are the rise of Hitler and the tragedies of 9/11. Could he have really predicted that either or both of these events would occur?  I won’t be the judge of that, but I would love to hear his reasoning and explanation behind it!

5. Emma Stone

Ok so I know that she is completely different than everyone else on my list, but come on, it’s Emma Stone! Not only is she hilarious, but she seems like she would be completely down to Earth (again, basing this solely on the roles that she has played…but seriously, how awesome is she?).  I feel like she would bring so much fun to the table, not to mention the fact that she seems like an awesome person to get drunk with. So there’s that. First topic of conversation? What does it feel like to have like 437 millions GIF’s out there?  Second topic? What is it like to “look like you smell like cat piss?” ((OMG if you haven’t watched Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebs read mean tweets” you have to watch them like right this second.)) And she just happens to be one of my woman crushes, so obviously she would be there.

Ok so there you have it, the 5 people that would be sitting around my dinner table. How about you? What fun people would you invite over for dinner?


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