Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Parking Lot Yoga

Parking Lot Yoga

Happy Tuesday!! I decided that if I skip a Monday post altogether I wouldn't have to complain about it being Monday. Genius idea, right?

This weekend was moving weekend for my sister, her hubby and the kids. The moving party started on Friday night with the emptying of the storage unit, and commenced last night with a mad dash to beat out the torrential rains that were headed our way. Let's talk about the storage unit, shall we?

7:45 pm--we arrive at the storage unit. The gate is accessible until 9:00 pm, giving us an hour and 15 minutes to clear out the unit. Easy peasy, right? I'm sure it would have been easy peasy had someone remembered to bring the key with them. After 5 minutes of deliberating in the parking lot, my brother-in-law decided that it would be quicker and easier to drill a hole in the lock, releasing it and opening the unit. (Side Note--the storage unit is no more than 7 minutes away from my sister's purse, which contained the key--keep that in mind)...By the time the hole is drilled and we realize that it didn't work, the clock is rounding 8pm. The hubby and I head over to his parent's house for some bolt cutters. We got back to the unit around 8:10, proceeded to break the bolt cutters on this apparently indestructible lock, and decided that a saw was the only option. Luckily, the hubby's dad is a saint and said that he would be right over with a van full of tools, ready to get the job done.At this point we have been at the storage unit for 40 minutes---enough time to have run home, grabbed the key, stopped off for a drink and still been back the storage unit in plenty of time. Maybe we will remember that next time..

Let's sidestep for a second. While all of this is going on in the storage unit, I decided that I would be most helpful at keeping an eye on the kiddos. 3 young children running around a storage unit, at night, while power tools are in use, didn't seem like a great option. Enter parking lot yoga. Me and the little squirts found a big open space and I taught them a thing or two about yoga. While holding my niece, I taught the boys some stretches, the tree pose, and my nephew's favorite, the spread-your-legs-really-wide-and-bend-over pose. Gotta love kids.We went from wall push-ups to table tops, from the pigeon stretch back to the tree. The best part? The kids were completely out of the way ANDDD they weren't miserable about being stuck in a storage unit parking lot. Double score for Aunt Nanna!

My papa-in-law arrived around 8:35, leaving 25 minutes to open the unit, completely empty it and load the 4 vehicles that were waiting outside. Why couldn't we just go home and try again the next day, you ask? At this point the lock was destroyed beyond repair, and god forbid the storage unit company were to watch the videos of what we had done to make it that way. It was better all around if we get everything out and called it a night. We finally heard the wonderful *POP* of the lock being broken, and the craziness began. Carts flying in and out, full and then empty...boxes being shoved into every available crevice...couches being stacked on top of love seats and beds...it was pure mayhem. Wanna know a fun fact about moving out of a storage unit? When you have 17 minutes before the gates lock, you get shit done! While the boys rode their scooter off to the side, we passed boxes, furniture and even the baby back and forth...4 vehicles + 6 adults + 17 minutes = an empty storage unit and some sweaty asses. 

Luckily, the rest of the weekend ran smoothly, and the apartment looks fabulous!!! The kids are now addicted to some yoga--yes, even my 18 month old niece is dropping poses in the living room--and we learned a thing or two about moving. 

My nephew also turned SEVEN this weekend!!! OMG I can't believe how old he is getting!!! I took a few pics on my phone from the birthday, but it was dark and they all look terrible, so there went that. I was, however, able to capture this ADORABLE picture from the storage unit...

omg how cute is she!?!

Oh, and we saw THIS at WalMart---

Look, I am all about a cute dress and some heels...but 
1. you are at WalMart...
2. with your children...
3. on a VERY windy day..
It's ok to throw on some sweats every once in awhile. And since I know you were wondering, her thong was black...and we saw it twice...true story.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!!

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