Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 2-Guilty Pleasures

Day 2-Guilty Pleasures

Welcome to my list of life's indulgences! I tend to go a bit overboard when it comes to guilty pleasures, but what the hell, right?! We are only around for so long, so why not make the best of it! I probably have like 25,000 guilty pleasures, but for the sake of keeping your attention I will shorten the list just a little bit.

 *Caramel Greek Yogurt*
I'm obessed

*Taco Bell*
I feel like 3 is an acceptable amount of times to eat this in one week...right?

*America's Next Top Model*
If only I were 10 inches taller...and didn't eat Taco Bell 3 times a week

Rue21 will be the death of my bank account

*High Heels*
The higher the better!

*The Twilight series*
<3 Team Edward all the way <3

*Doughnut Holes*
I seriously will eat like 20 in a row without thinking twice

*Eating cereal in bed while watching Friends*
This usually occurs around 11:30 pm...can't imagine why I have nightmares?!

*Strawberry Banana Daiquiris*
They are de-lish!

*Taking the hottest shower you could ever imagine, and then scratching my back until the skin is literally scraping off*
The hubby HATES it!

*Domino's thin crust pepperoni & bacon pizza*

*Jersey Shore*
It is SUCH a train wreck and I love it so much! Thursday nights just aren't the same*

*Watching airplanes*
I could sit and watch them all day long

*Having my hair brushed*
It's pretty bad when you try to bribe your 7 year old nephew with $5 to brush your hair..luckily I have the best hubby EVER who does it for free :)

Wanna know what I have done to climb out of my comfort zone this year?? Tune in tomorrow!!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!!


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