Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 19...Pulling the old switcharoo...

Day 19...Pulling the old switcharoo...

Today I get to switch places with anyone!!! What would I do? How would my day go?? Would I want to switch back?? Well instead of picking a person, I decided to pick my favorite fur baby in the world, Casper. Every day the hubs and I talk about how nice it must be to just lay around all day with no responsibilities and not a care in the world. Well today I get to find out just how nice it would be.  Ladies and gents more ladies, welcome to a day in the life of Casper.

7:00 AM
::yawn:: Is that mommy's alarm clock again? She's been hitting that damn snooze button for an hour....There she goes, into the bathroom...I think I'll just lay here for another minute....

7:30 AM

8:00 AM
Oh no...mommy is heading for the back door...she's calling my name..."Casper"...please oh please don't make me stay outside....maybe if I pretend to be asleep she will leave me in the house...that way I can get hair all over the furniture and drool in their bed!!

8:05 AM

8:30 AM
When will mommy and daddy be home??

9:00 AM
Hey isn't that the ball that mom and dad told me not to play with last week? I think I'll just pick it up and carry it around for awhile..I promise not to pop this one...

9:01 AM

10:00 AM
A car!! Let me run to the fence and whine for 10 minutes until I realize that no one is coming to get me. Are mommy and daddy home yet?

11:00 AM
OMG is that a squirrel? He has no idea what's coming for him! I'm gonna....oh look a bee!! I bet he tastes delicious! Here I go---ah shit!! Stung again...third time this week! Are mommy and daddy home yet?

12:00 PM
I think I'll just rest my eyes for a minute..this dirt pile looks mighty comfortable...wonder when mommy and daddy will be home

12:30 PM

1:00 PM

1:30 PM
Is that mommy and daddy?? I definitely heard a car!! ((Runs to fence)) Look a bone!!! Did I leave that there?

2:00 PM
 My girlfriend is outside next door!! Time to run back and forth along the entire fence and pee on her through all of the pickets. Missed a spot....

2:30 PM
I wonder when mommy and daddy will be home.

3:00 PM
Man it's hot out here. Maybe I should go run 47 laps around the pool until I can't breathe anymore. Then I will lay down and pant for 20 minutes while staring at my water bowl.

3:30 PM
I sure am tired from running all of those laps. Maybe I will take a little nap..

4:00 PM
Wonder when mommy and daddy will be home??

5:00 PM
Is that a car?!? It's them!! It's mommy and daddy!! I am so excited I think I am going to jump up and down at the back door!! I'll make sure to jump really hard so that my claws leave deep scratch marks.

6:00 PM
Dinner time!! I'm going to eat 3 pieces of my food and then walk away. Mommy and daddy are sitting down to eat so I get to stare at them for 15 minutes until they give up and throw me a piece of food.

7:00 PM
I sure am tired from eating dinner...maybe I'll just lay down and take a nap...

8:00 PM
Is that mommy going into the bathroom? I guess I should follow her and keep her company.

9:00 PM

10:00 PM
Time for mommy and daddy to get a shower. I think I will lay right outside of the tub and get hair all over the bathmat. And then I won't move when they are trying to climb out.

11:00 PM
Time for bed. That sure was a long day. Oh great, mommy and daddy are watching "Friends" again...I think this is the one where Ross and Rachel were on a break........

I'm really glad you could all share in a day in the life of Casper. Come back tomorrow to find out if I would rather.........or maybe........


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