Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day favorite things about summer...

Day favorite things about summer...

Happy Thursday and welcome to Day 10 of the 31 day challenge!! If I haven't said it yet, thank you Faith, Allie & Juliette for introducing me to this challenge!!! We are a third of the way there and so far it has been awesome!! Today I am going to share with you my favorite things about summer. This list was super hard to narrow down because I honestly love everything about summer…except for the mosquitoes…and the smelly armpits…and the swamp ass…but seriously, other than that, I would be happy if it were summer all year long!

My favorite things about summer are.....

*Baking in the sun until my pale vampire skin turns golden brown…or stop sign red*

*Being in the pool…especially when it involves lazily floating around for hours*

*Playing washers…if you’ve never played before, you are missing out*

*Wearing maxi dresses & maxi skirts without freezing my tush off*

*Bar-b-ques…hosting them, attending them, smelling them from my neighbor’s yard…yum*

*Drinking fruity frozen drinks…ok if I’m being honest I enjoy that all year long…sue me*

*Going to the beach…and I just so happen to live 20 minutes from one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA…seriously, be jealous*

*Going on vacation…less than 2 months until our cruise!!!!!!!*

*Just being outside…swimming, sitting in the garage, enjoying a campfire, taking sneak attack selfies while the hubs is on the phone…pretty much anything*

*Eating juicy de-lish watermelon…omg I love when it’s in season!*

What about for all of you lovely ladies that are not taking part in the challenge? What are your favorite things about summer?!

<3 Oh sweet summer, how I will miss you when you're gone... <3


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