Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 20...Would you rather???

Day 20...Would you rather???

Woo hoo we made it to day 20 in the "31 Days of Blogging" challenge!!! A huge shout out to Allie, Juliette & Faith for coming up with all of these amazing topics!!! Today I have to choose which of 2 scenarios I would rather do, and let me tell you, some of these were HARD!! I seriously thought this would be one of the easiest posts to write since, duh, all of the questions were given to me. Well I was wrong with a capital W.

Here we go....Would I rather.......

1. Be blind or be deaf
Deaf. Ok, so I love music so much, and hearing all of my little nieces and nephews shrieking is like the most amazing sound in the world. But to never look at my hubby again?! I don't think I could do it! And ok, just putting this out there, but imagine not knowing that you left the house in a blue shirt with green pants and red shoes....Serious fashion fail right there

2. Be taller than you are or shorter than you are
Taller. Considering I am a whopping 5 foot 1, I could definitely stand to gain a few inches. And besides, how else would I ever be able to fulfill my goal of being a runway model?

3. Be a teenager or a senior citizen for the rest of your life
A teenager. I know that as a senior citizen I would get so much more respect and people would be like 100 times nicer to me, but is that worth walking with a cane and being in pain every day? Teenagers have so much more energy and I don't know about you, but even in the 9 years since I've been a teenager, I feel like I've aged about 60 years.
4. Have no hands or no legs
No legs. If I had no legs I could still get around no problem in a wheelchair, plus they have those awesome prosthetic legs that I could invest in. If I had no hands I wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING. No driving, no blogging, no holding the hubby's hand, nothing!(For the record I really don't want to lose either.)

5. Lose your front teeth or both eyebrows
Definitely my eyebrows. Do you know how much easier and cheaper it would be to pencil in your eyebrows rather than shelling out thousands for veneers? Besides, then I would get to draw fun designs like these:

6. Eat a worm or a cockroach
OMG can I say neither?!?! Ok I guess if I had to pick I would say a worm. The sliminess would make it easier to swallow (seriously I'm gagging right now) and it would be much less crunchy than a cockroach. For whatever reason I feel like the worm would put up less of a fight too..although not sure what I am basing that off of.
7. Spend a day in the Sahara or North Pole
The Sahara, without a doubt. I sleep with 3 blankets every night, and I walk around my house in a hoodie in July. I.hate.being.cold. I would rather sweat my skinny little ass off all day long then spend 5 minutes in a place where there is no possible way to get warm. I live in Florida, remember.

8. Have a personal chef or a personal driver
A personal driver. Much like I hate the cold, I despise driving. My hubby drives everywhere when we go out. I literally only drive when I absolutely have to--to and from work pretty much covers it. And on top of that I love to cook, so to have someone take that away from me would be a pretty rude thing to do.
9. Always have to whisper or always have to shout
Always have to whisper. Imagine walking into a store and having to loudly question the cashier on the location of the condoms. Or how about in church, when you tell your kid to sit the hell down, and the entire congregation hears you. Not to mention, imagine the sore throat you would have!

10. Can't taste or can't smell
Can't smell. Food is one of my favorite things in the world. I literally take so much pleasure in eating everything that I can possible get my hands on. I can't imagine that being taken away. And while I do love the smell of my hubby's cologne, I love the taste of some chicken parm a whole lot more.

11. Wipe with sandpaper or saran wrap
SARAN WRAP!!! Omg sorry about the caps but my cheeks seriously clenched when I pictured using sandpaper to wipe. I don't even care that the saran wrap would become disgustingly slippery and my fingers would probably poke through. Hell I'd wipe with my bare hand before using sandpaper!

12. Have Twitter shut down for a day or your blog disappear for a day
Twitter..I don't use Twitter so I would have no idea if it shut down for the day, let alone would I be upset. Next...

13. Text of your blog is screwed up or all the pictures you post on your blog are blurry
Text screwed up. I hate hate hate blurry pictures. I would definitely be willing to overlook some crooked caps locked text over blurry pictures. First of all, you can't see what's going on. Second, who wants to squint when they are looking at something. And third, it's just plain bad blogging etiquette.

I seriously didn't even want to put this picture on here because the blurriness is driving me crazy!
14. Never be able to post another GIF or never be able to receive comments on your posts
Never post another GIF. Look, I love a good JLaw GIF just as much as the next gal. But comments are what I look forward to reading every day!! That's the reason for this crazy thing we call blogging, isn't it? To know that we are entertaining people every day, and to hear how much they enjoyed it!
15. Have a permanent wedgie or have the tag on your shirt constantly scratch your neck 
Have a tag constantly scratch my neck. Let's be clear--having the tag scratching the back of neck would drive me absolutely insane. I can't even stand when there is a stray hair on my arm that refuses to come off no matter how much I wipe it away. But having bunchy underwear riding up my crack all day would be like a million times worse. And to know that you can pick it over and over and it will keep coming back. That would be awful.

Now that you have read what I would rather do, I dare you to answer the same questions! Seriously, some of them were super hard!!!


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