Monday, July 28, 2014

Day pic, two pic, three pic....ready go...

Day pic, two pic, three pic....ready go...

So it's Monday again..ans as usual, it sucks. To brighten up everyone's day a little bit, I am going to share 3 pictures with you today. One picture is a picture that I took. One picture is a selfie (which, duh, I also took). And the third picture is anything at all. Hopefully I can brighten your day a little bit.

Picture 1: A picture that I took

This is one of my favorite favorite pictures ever. It was a rainy Sunday, the hubs and I were laying on the couch watching Friends a movie, and Casper decided that he wanted to snuggle with us. This picture pretty much sums up my perfect afternoon. Adorable, right? Plus, it is super rare that Casper lays still on the couch for more than 20 seconds, so this was a momentous occasion.

Picture 2: A selfie

This picture was taken right after I went from blonde to brown a few months ago. I love the color of my hair, and I had just tried the mail sample of the most amazing concealer in the world (here). And you know how there are some pictures that you just feel flawless and amazingly pretty? Well this is one of mine.

Picture 3: A picture of anything

This picture contains some of my favorite people in the world! Yes, I made everyone wear the same thing for this picture. We were submitting a picture to be cast on a game jealous, we are some pretty awesome people.This also happened to be the night before we left on our first cruise, so the excitement is literally radiating out of me.

FYI...anyone else love short and sweet blog posts for a Monday?! I sure do!


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