Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The time I was on a game show...

I have always been a huge fan of game shows, especially Jeopardy. After taking the Jeopardy test online and realizing that you had to be a rocket scientist/biochemist to know the answers to any of the questions, I decided to go a different route. Whilst browsing through some casting calls back in 2007, I saw that "Chain Reaction" on Game Show Network was casting. So OF COURSE I had to go for it. After submitting my application and going through the Q&A process, I got a call back saying that they wanted me and my 'team' to come in for a face-to-face audition! My team consisted of myself, my older sister Nikiya and my friend Kate. A few days later we were sitting in an auditorium with 50 or so other people waiting for our audition. We must have done pretty good because we got a call back to come to NYC and film the show!! To say I was ecstatic is an understatement! Fast forward a few weeks, and it was the morning of the audition. In order to get there we had to get up at the ass-crack of dawn, drive to the train station an hour away, and then take an hour train ride into the city. My sister woke up sick that morning, and after plenty of begging and coaxing I convinced her to suck it up and get dressed. Out the door we went on the way to the Big Apple, imagining how we were going to spend our winnings....

Fast forward 8 hours later. Not only had we gone up against 3 of the smartest nerds I have ever met and lost horribly, my sister also got yelled at for chewing gum on national TV, and then we got back to the car to find a hefty parking ticket on the window! We had spent around $150 between the train and cab ride to the studio, plus another $180 on the ticket, and we won a whopping zero dollars on the show. On top of that, I had planned a viewing party at my apartment for everyone to watch our episode, which now would end up turning into a half hour of laughing and cringing over our lack of game show skill. Lessons learned:

1. Guessing answers from your couch is MUCH easier than guessing an answer when you have 10 TV cameras in front of you and a studio audience behind you
2. When parking at a train station in Trenton, NJ, be sure to look around EVERYWHERE for parking meters (even across the parking lot and around the corner...because apparently that is where they are located)
3. "Colored textbook" is not an acceptable answer and will cause you to lose the game

All in all, it was a fun experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I videotaped the episode and have watched it a bunch of times since then, each time still laughing at how awful we really were. The best part of the whole thing? 7 years later, GSN still airs my episode and every few months I will get a text or Facebook message from someone I haven't seen in years telling me that they are watching me on TV! I once got a message one time from my high school geometry teacher telling me that he had just watched my episode!! If you have spare 30 minutes and would enjoy a good laugh, I have included the link to the video here. (I am the one in the middle) Please allow the following disclosures---First of all, I don't know why I couldn't take 20 minutes before the show to dye my damn hair! My roots are about 7 inches long!! Second, I look like I am about 14 years old, but I was really 22.  Third, the make-up artists caked a good 5 pounds of makeup on my face before the show, so I kind of resemble a hooker. And finally, I swear I am not nearly as arrogant and as the video makes me seem! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Always being on the lookout for my next game show adventure, a few months ago I found a casting call for a show in LA looking for a fun, energetic family to star in a new trivia show. Hello?! Perfect family, right here. I sent in the application and got a call from the casting director, but unfortunately the show never took off. With the application, they wanted a picture of your whole team together, and I figured why not share that picture with all of you?

From left: My hubby, my niece Camden, me, my momma, my nephew Mason, my brother-in-law Brett, my nephew Aiven and my sister Angela. And yes, we seriously all dressed alike and posed in my living room for a picture. 

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far! We are in the middle of an ice storm down here in Florida--apparently the worst storm in an entire generation--so its been a lot of vegging out by the TV and snuggling under cozy blankets!! And I have no complaints when it comes to snuggling!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Banana-Caramel cupcakes recipe

As I mentioned in last night's blog, over the weekend I made some delicious cupcakes. Now, I absolutely love to cook. I love creating new recipes and throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pan and seeing what happens. But when it comes to baking, I have always steered clear. Maybe it's the way that you have to measure everything exactly, or how easy it is to completely destroy the entire recipe by leaving it in the over for like 5 seconds too long, but baking has always scared the crap outta me. Until recently, the most complex thing I have ever baked was a boxed cake or some chocolate chip cookies. So I decided what better time to learn how to bake than right now? A few weeks ago I tried to make a gooey butter cake, but I was less than impressed with the end result. The cupcakes, however, came out pretty damn good if you ask me!! Since I most certainly did not think of the recipe myself, I will share it with you here and also give all of the credit to Chelsey Bogaards @ Tastebook.com. (Recipe Here). I am not a huge fan of butter cream icing, so I made a caramel cream cheese frosting instead, and it came out so good!!

Servings:Makes 15 cupcakes


  • 1 1/2 cups cake flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 bananas, mashed (about 1 cup)
  • 1/3 cup buttermilk
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 3/4 cup packed dark brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs, at room temperature
  • 1/2 cup butterscotch chips
Caramel (You can also use store bought caramel ice cream topping)
  • 1 cup plus 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
Caramel Buttercream
  • 1 1/2 sticks (12 tablespoons) unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2 large egg whites
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/3 cup of the prepared caramel


  • 1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line standard muffin tins with paper liners.
  • 2 Whisk together cake flour, baking soda, baking powder, slat, and cinnamon.
  • 3 In another bowl, whisk together mashed bananas, buttermilk, and vanilla.
  • 4 With an electric mixer on medium-high speed, cream butter and brown sugar until pale and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating until each is incorporated, scraping down sides of bowl as needed. Reduce speed to low. Add flour mixture in two batches, alternating with banana mixture, and beating until just combined after each. Stir in butterscotch chips.
  • 5 Divide batter evenly among lined cups, filling each three-quarters full. Bake, rotating tins halfway through, until a cake tester inserted in centers comes out clean, about 20 minutes. Transfer tins to wire racks to cool completely before removing cupcakes.

Combine sugar and water in a heavy saucepan. Heat over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until sugar is dissolved and syrup is clear. Stop stirring, and cook until syrup comes to a boil. Continue to boil, gently swirling pan occasionally to color evenly, until mixture is very dark amber. Remove from heat; add cream in a steady stream (the mixture will spatter), stirring with a wooden spoon until smooth and combined. Let cool.

Caramel Buttercream
  • 1 With an electric mixer on medium-high speed, cream butter until pale and fluffy. In the heatproof bowl of a standing electric mixer, combine 1/4 cup sugar and the egg whites. Set bowl over a pan of simmering water; whisk constantly by hand until mixture is warm to the touch and sugar has dissolved (the mixture should feel completely smooth when rubbed between your fingertips).
  • 2 Attach bowl to the mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Starting on low and gradually increasing to medium-high speed, mix until stiff (but not dry) peaks form. Continue whisking until egg mixture is fluffy and glossy, and completely cool (test by touching the bottom of the bowl), about 5-10 minutes. Reduce speed to medium-low. Add beaten butter, a couple of tablespoons at a time, mixing well after each addition. Mix in vanilla.
  • 3 Switch to the paddle attachment. With mixer on medium-low speed, very slowly pour in caramel; beat a couple of minutes. Scrape down sides of bowl, and continue to beat until caramel is fully incorporated.
Putting It All Together
Frost cupcakes by using a small offset spatula to spread the butter cream or fill a pastry bag (fitted with the tip of your choice) with the cream and pipe on. Drizzle with additional caramel (you should have some leftover). Refrigerate up to 3 days in airtight containers; bring to room temperature before serving

(The recipe that I used for the caramel cream cheese frosting can be found here.)

So I was able to get 20 cupcakes out of the recipe instead of 15. Also, I only had to bake them for 15 minutes and they came out perfect. Finally, if you don't want to try your hand at homemade caramel, the store bought kind works just as well. I made the homemade caramel one night this week and while it was good, it still needs some tweaking.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow in Florida!?!

Yes, it was actually snowing here the other day!!!! All you hear about it global warming, but it feels more like global freezing here in the Sunshine State! There wasn't enough snow to actually stick to the ground (and it quickly warmed up to 60 degrees the next day) but I figured it was still blog-worthy information!

Another low key weekend here at the house, the sickness has run its course and we are FINALLY feeling better! And despite my shopping diet until our trip, I was still able to squeeze in a trip to Burlington for a new blazer. While on the topic of Burlington, let's talk about some of the clothes that I saw while perusing through the racks, shall we? Between the itty-bitty cropped tops and the dresses that show way more va-jay than I would like to see, I have come to the conclusion that older I get, the skankier the clothes become. Take the following dresses for example:

If I can tell the color and type of underwear that you are wearing, the dress is too short

This was categorized as a "prom" dress. I know that I when to prom quite a few years ago, and styles change all the time, but I feel like there's about 12 yards of material missing from this dress. Who's with me?

Call me old fashioned, but I like to keep some things to the imagination. And I also enjoy sitting down without fear of the dreaded peek-a-boo. 

Aside from our quick trip to Burlington, which wasn't actually quick because we were there for 2 hours, we made a pit stop at Toys R Us for the nephews and then headed home for some quiet time around the fire pit. This morning we went to the in-laws for a DELICIOUS breakfast---biscuits & gravy, eggs, hash browns & sausage--and if the sun ever decides to show its beautiful face, we will be washing the cars and the puppy this afternoon. 

Here's a little peek at what I wore for yesterday's outing. Since it was a lazy day, the hair went up, the "Hot Buns" went in and the and the flats came out.

Tank: WalMart
Shoes: Body Central (Found here) 
Jeans: Delia's
Necklace & Earrings: Body Central 
Shirt: Sister

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. Tomorrow I am going to be posting some delectable banana caramel decadence cupcakes that I baked last night! De-Lish!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Who wants to win a billion dollars?

Things have been pretty boring around the house lately, we've been sick and popping cold medicine like it's candy. But I didn't want to completely disregard the wonderful world of blogging, so I figured I would check in.

Firstly, in case you haven't heard, Lays is hosting their "Do Us A Flavor" contest again, where you come up with a flavor for their newest chip and you win a million dollars. So of course, yours truly has already enters 20+ times. And you can bet your sweet heiny that I will be entering plenty more times before the April deadline! So if you haven't yet entered, just go to www.dousaflavor.com and enter! And if you win, don't forget about the little lady who gave you the idea :)

On the topic of winning free money, I'm sure you have all heard that Warren Buffet is giving away ONE BILLION DOLLARS for anyone who gets the entire March Madness bracket right. I know, the chances of winning are like 1 in 10,000,000. But, you can't win if you don't try!! So come March 3rd I'll be entering my picks based on jersey colors and cool team names...isn't that how the pros do it??

As our trip to Philly gets closer and closer, me and the hubby are already planning our cruise for later in the year. Last year we went on a 5 day cruise since it was our 1st one and we had no idea how we would handle the sea sickness. Luckily, aside from one dose of Dramamine on day 2, we survived and are ready for cruise # 2. This year we are thinking of making it 7 days instead, and we are looking into Belize & the Grand Cayman Islands. Belize has a cave tubing excursion that looks AMAZING!! And Cozumel is the 3rd port of call, which means more SHOPPING!! :) Ugh this winter vortex outside is making it impossible to think of the sunny beaches that await...so to get me by, I'll just stare at this picture from the summer....

Oh summer, how I miss thee.....

Tonight's post is a short one, I'm off to snuggle under a blanket and watch some HGTV. Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend happenings & What I Wore

Not too much going on around here this weekend. A trip to Home Depot and some thrifting yesterday, and then some Wii Mario & Jeopardy last night. Today we got up early to make some meatballs, gravy and gnocchi for dinner, and had a nice veg-out day around the house. For anyone who isn't Italian, we call spaghetti sauce "gravy," and gnocchi is homemade pasta! As much as I would love to share the recipe to the blogging world, when it comes to cooking I am more of a "little dab of this" and a "good amount of that" kind of chef, so it would be zero help for me to try explaining it! So instead I will share a picture for you to enjoy :)

Gnocchi, spaghetti & meatballs with gravy :)

Before dinner the hubby was outside playing cops & robbers with my adorable nephews, and I was able to sneak in a few good shots of the action..tell me these boys aren't the cutest!

And to close out the "weekend" (Since I work in banking and we are closed tomorrow, it's technically not the end of the weekend...but who's keeping track) I will share yesterday's outfit.

Sweater & Shirt: Body Central
Jeans: Bealls
Shoes: Target I think...a few years ago
Purse: Express (They were having a HUGE sale..This purse= $18!! Steal!!)
Watch: Kenneth Cole

By the way, if you haven't checked out bodycentral.com, you definitely should!! They have some GREAT deals for $1.99, $3.99 & $5.99...this summer I scooped up some white linen pants and a bandage skirt for $6.00 each!!! Some of the clothes are a little too 'clubby' for me, but sometimes you can find some really cute stuff.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

New blogger worries & What I Wore to Work

Being new to the blogging world, I am still not 100% sure of how everything works. For the most part, I get the basics---I read people's blogs that I enjoy, I follow them so they come up on my feed, and I leave comments because I really enjoy finally being a part of the "blogging community." I love thinking of something during the day and getting really excited to blog about it that night, and I love all of the new ideas that I have found. Now comes the part where I am not 100% sure I am doing everything right. In the past few weeks, I have had over 900 page views---which is FAR more than I thought I would have by now---so thank you to everyone who is reading along!! It means SO MUCH that people take time out of their days to hear me ramble on about my outfits or my dirty sidewalk (see previous post). So my question to all of you seasoned bloggers out there---how the heck do you get followers?!? I see some bloggers out there with thousands and thousands of followers. Obviously I realize that I am BRAND new to blogging, and I have only written like 10 posts, but with all of the page views and only 2 followers, I am beginning to think that either I did something wrong in setting up the "Follow Me" button, or I am a terrible writer and my blog sucks.  (Thank you to Christa @ www.foreveryoungtheblog.com for following along!! And thank you to my momma who was my very 1st follower!!). If anyone has any advice on how to spice up the blog and attract new followers--please share!! I would love any suggestions!! And if I did somehow set something up incorrectly (which is entirely possibly since I set up most of the blog from my phone), then any help in that department would be greatly appreciated!!!

Now on to a little outfit fun...On a normal weekday, I leave myself about 20 minutes in the morning to get up, get dressed, do my hair and makeup, and get out the door. Since I had a morning meeting one day this week, I got up extra early and even had time to take a few What I Wore to Work pictures.

Pants: Women's Tuxedo Pants (Similar Here)
Shoes: Target (Similar Here)
Necklace: (Similar Here)
Earrings: My sister's wedding

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! I'm off to the backyard to enjoy the fire pit!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We're going to Philly!!

Ok, so we aren't going for like 6 weeks...but I am still SUPER excited!!! Last year we went to Pigeon Forge in February. and we had such a great time that we were going to go again this year. But since we haven't been back to Philly in a few years, and since my grandmother isn't doing too well, we are going back up to the City of Brotherly Love for a few days. And I am psyched!! To start with, I haven't seen my big sister since our wedding (crazy!!) and I am dying to see her and excited to meet her boyfriend!! Here's a pic of me and my sis from a few years back:

Aside from seeing my family, I am over-the-moon excited for all of the food!! I absolutely love living in Florida, and I wouldn't change it for anything. But there is no comparison when it comes to the food. I have seriously contemplated driving up to Philly on several occasions to get a greasy cheese steak or some amazing pizza. The first time the hubby went up to Philly to visit, we literally ate pizza 5 times (we were there for a week). And most important of all----WAWA!!! The thought of being able to get Wawa whenever I want, 10 times a day if I so choose, is a GREAT feeling!!! In a few weeks when we do go up there, you can expect lots of pictures of family and me stuffing my face, but until then, I'll give you a sneak peak at all of the things I am looking forward to:

Cheesesteaks!!!! There is nothing that compares to a greasy, cheesy mess that has about 4000 calories and makes you feel like a fat cow after you eat it. If you are planning a trip to Philly, head to Steve's Prince of steaks and ask for a "Whiz-without." AMAZING!

 Real pizza!!! Down here the only pizza places are chains like Dominos or Pizza Hut. It's not really pizza unless you have to blot it with a paper towel before you eat it to get the grease off.

Nifty Fiftys---its a 50's style restaurant that has the most amazing cheese fries and spicy-cheese-chicken nuggets. And their milkshakes are killer!!!

Soft pretzels...if you are from Philly or anywhere close, you know that the best ones are sold on the side of the road from some guy who looks like he hasn't showered in 3 days...or you could just be boring and go to the Philly Soft Pretzel Factory

Tastykakes have finally made it to the Sunshine State, but they have yet to bring the Jelly Krimpets down here..so anytime I am up in Philly I make sure to stock up!

And most of all: 

You didn't think I would leave this off of my list, did you?!?! Wawa is the epitome of a perfect store. Want a hoagie? How about a bowl of mashed potatoes at 4am? Hungry for a sweet cream cheese stuffed pretzel or some french vanilla cappuccino?? Better head to Wawa!! 
((FYI, for anyone who is not from the Northeast, a hoagie is what we call a sub...a roll with meat, cheese and condiments...and they are delicious!))

If you have made it through this post without licking your screen, feel free to read it again. For everyone else, I apologize for making you hungry. 

Have a great night!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans & What I Wore

Most of the weekend was a wash (literally, because it rained for 80% of it) but when it wasn't raining, I was busy power washing! I power washed the porch, the back patio, the driveway (ok, only half of it..power washing takes a LOOONG time!). I even started on the fence out back, only to realize that it would take me 47 hours to finish the whole thing, and there aren't enough hours in the weekend for that! For what I was able to get done, however, I realized that power washing is awesome. Also, that the outside of my house is filthy!! You really have no idea how dirty your house is until you get out there and use some elbow grease. Don't believe me? Go buy a power washer!! I wanted to make sure I captured a good before and after shot to show just how amazing this thing really is. Disclaimer---the before shot is awful and I had no idea it looked this bad until I took the picture!

I didn't take any pictures of the driveway or fence, but you get the idea. Overall, this purchase was wonderful.

On that subject, another purchase made this weekend was a complete failure. I should let you know that I am a complete sucker when it comes to "As seen on TV" items. Over the years I have acquired quite the collection. (Some of the items---The Orgreenic Pan, The Bump-It, Hot Buns, Slap-Chop, Strap Perfect...you get the idea). My most recent purchase was the "Nightview NV" glasses. They promise to take away any glare from driving at night, make the road clear, blah blah. So I figured, why not? I hate driving at night. And let's face it, who wouldn't want to wear a pair of yellow aviators after the sun goes down? Well before you waste your gas money driving to the store, I'll just let you know that they don't work. They.Do.Nothing. Luckily the good old Dollar General was willing to take them back--no harm done. I've included a picture of the glasses below so that when you are browsing buying everything from the "As Seen on TV" section of Walgreens (I know I'm not the only one who does that), you can just keep on perusing:

Last but not least, I will add a little bit of What I Wore over the weekend. Since the weather was anything but enjoyable, I stayed in my PJ's for a good portion of the time, but I was able to squeeze in one good outfit.

 Shirt: Target (Here), Tank: Old Navy , Pants: Rue 21 (Here)
Shoes:Walmart (Here), Jacket:Target (Similar Here)
Necklace:Charlotte Russe (Similar Here), Bracelets: Rue 21
Earrings: Rue 21

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Random facts about me

Happy Friday night!!!! While browsing through some blogs today, I stumbled upon a few posts telling secrets and little known facts about themselves. So I decided to sit down, make myself a delicious strawberry-banana daiquiri and give you a little insight into my world...here's 10 random facts....feel free to judge if you must...

1. I am a total book nerd. For as long as I can remember I would look forward to trips to the library so I could take out endless books and devour them as soon as I got home. Favorite authors--Nicholas Sparks, Jodie Picoult & Emily Giffin.

2. I absolutely positively hate confrontation. I will go out of my way to please people just to avoid any sort of argument or disagreement. Don't get me wrong--I will stand up for what I believe in and I will do what I have to in order to protect the people I love, but 9 times out of 10, I am the biggest pushover.

3. Lightning scares me to death. Growing up in Philly, it never bothered me. I would sit out on the porch and watch the storm in the distance. Once I moved to Florida, it was like a different world. Lightning storms down here are the scariest thing you will ever experience. True story--while driving down the Interstate in a monsoon (which is basically what every storm turns into down here), lightning struck the ground less than 10 feet from me. The car shook, the ground cracked--it was horrifying. Now I stay inside during storms.

4. I have had recurring tornado dreams for the past 15 years. They seem to get worse and more frequent when I am stressed out or upset over something, but they can strike at any time. I can always see the tornado in the distance, racing towards me, and I am scrambling to get my entire family together so that we can take cover. The strangest thing of all? I found out that my momma has them all the time too!

5. You can read the story of how Steven and I met and started dating here. But what I didn't tell you is that when we met, we were both in long term relationships with other people. The first year of our friendship, the 4 of us actually hung out together! Luckily, we both realized that we were meant for eachother, and the rest is history!

6. Steven and I have been trying to have a baby for almost 3 years. When we first started trying we assumed we would be pregnant within a few months and working on baby # 2 by now. My original idea for this blog was a place to vent about our infertility issues and get support from other people going through the same thing. But then I decided that it would be a much happier and funnier blog doing it this way instead.

7. As I kid, my dream jobs were as follows: a nun, a model and an actress. Let's take a look into this: A nun--as a little girl in church, it was my goal to be the loudest singer in the entire place. I would sit in the front row every week reciting the entire service right along with the priest. A model--This was a short lived dream. When I was in the 3rd grade, one of my friends (one of my taller, prettier friends, no less) told me that I wasn't pretty enough or tall enough to be a model. Dream=shattered. An actress--I always thought it would be fun to live in Hollywood and be rich and famous. Then I heard about the paparazzi & the crazy things they do, and that idea went out the window.

8. A few years ago while reading an article online, I read a story about a little 5 year old girl in Delaware who needed a kidney transplant. She had been on dialysis her entire life and she only had one working kidney. I immediately contacted the hospital to put myself on the transplant list. After weeks of consultations and testing, I found out that I was not a perfect match and therefore I wasn't eligible to be a donor. The best news of the whole story is that a year later, she found a donor and the transplant was successful. I still keep in contact with her family and she is doing great!

9. I have collected Barbies my entire life. I have dolls, ornaments, books, etc. This year for Christmas my hubby got me the new Holiday Barbie ornament and it is lovely! :)

10. I am completely OCD. I have to plan everything---when we go on vacation, I pack 3 days in advance. I make a list of everything that I need to grab before we leave (toothbrushes, phone chargers, camera) and I won't leave the house until everything on the list is checked off. My OCD-ness carries over into my organization and tidiness. The biggest 'quirk,' as the hubby calls it, is my pantry. I am the only one who can put the groceries away in the pantry and everything has its place. And most of all, NO nutrition facts can be showing. That drives me CRAZY!! I will spend an hour pulling everything out and putting it all back in, just to make sure it looks perfect.

So there it is. If you made it through the whole list, congrats! Thank you Allie @ Between Dreams for the idea. Feel free to share any quirks or facts about yourself in the comments.

Now I'm off to finish my daiquiri. Have a great night!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Power Washer & What I Wore

Around here we watch a lot of TV. Aside from The Walking Dead (come on February!!), basketball or football, you will usually find us watching something on HGTV or the DIY network. One of our favorites is "Rehab Addict." The show is hosted by Nicole Curtis, and let me tell you, she is one bad ass blonde. There are some men out there that can't handle a power tool like she can. She buys old houses, guts them, rehabs them & then sells them for a huge profit. Steven and I have a dream of flipping houses one day, so we are super into this show. On an episode last week, Nicole was cleaning up the front of a house with a power washer, and I was completely amazed at the amount of gunk and dirt that this thing was taking off. I mean, years of wear and tear. I guess I have been living under a rock for the last 28 years, because I had no idea how awesome those things were. So of course, I had to have one. The clean-up projects were running through my head at lightning speed--I could power wash the driveway, the garage, the windows, the front & back porches--the possibilities are endless! ((You should know that our house is only 3 years old, so there really isn't THAT much dirt to remove...but I was still beyond excited!!)) So tonight, off we went to Home Depot in search of a power washer. And we found one!! T-Minus 2 days until I get to use my new toy! Bet you've never met anyone so excited to power wash a driveway...

Now on to What I Wore. While taking tonight's pictures, some of the family wanted to be part of the process. So without further ado, here's a little look into my family:

Jeans: Target
Cardi: Charlotte Russe
Tank: Walmart
Boots: Charlotte Russe (Find them here)
Necklace: Cozumel, Mexico (Similar Here)

 Meet my baby sister, Angela. And I look scared in this picture?

Meet Gigi (my momma), Aiven & Mason (my nephews)

My niece Camden <3

Now I must go because Rehab Addict is on and a bowl of Lucky Charms is calling my name.