Thursday, May 15, 2014

Just call me Nicole Curtis

Just call me Nicole Curtis

Ok, so if you have been following along to my blog, you know how much of a DIY Network/HGTV freak I am. The hubby and I could literally sit in front of the TV for hours and get lost in "House Hunters" or "Rehab Addict." (And when I say we 'could' get lost for hours, I mean that we have seriously sat in front of the TV for hours on several occasions). Every time we watch Rehab Addict, the following thoughts run through my head:

1. OMG that house is amazing
2. The tool looks like SO much fun to use (Exhibit A--After watching an episode one night, I left my house, drove to Lowe's and bought a power washer...true story)
3. Nicole Curtis is too hot to be using power tools:

 Well ladies, I am officially part of the power-tool-using-chick club. (There's gotta be a club out there somewhere, right?) Over the past few weeks we have been working on projects for our Rustic Guest Room. So far we have completed the headboard, side table, 1 string art sign and 2 hanging bottle-art pieces (Next on the list is another string art sign, a few shelves and possibly a dresser/shelf). And of course, in keeping with the rustic/DIY theme, everything is made out of pallet wood. In case you have never built something out of pallet wood before, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. It is a LONG process! First, the pallets have to be cut down to size. Next, you have to sand the hell out of each board because lets face it, no matter how rustic you want your headboard to look, splinters suck. After everything is sanded comes the task of assembling. Before I started I was thinking "Oh piece of cake, just throw some nails and screws in and I'll be good to go." Nope, not the case. Another thing that you should know about pallet wood is that it splits. Too close to the edge? Split. Knot in the wood? Split. Luckily, my patience is pretty good when it comes to crafting, so I didn't let it get to me. After assembly comes stain, which by the way is no joke. It will stain your hands for days!

The reason for me describing every little detail about our projects is that I had NO idea how much work went into it, and the "fun" power tools that I described above are not exactly as fun as I had thought! I have never really been one to pick up a power tool and try it out. I've used the basics---drill, hand saw, hedge trimmers---but I've never had the chance to use a 'real' power tool. Well let me tell you, now I feel like a seasoned pro! To take apart the pallets, I used a nifty little jigsaw. To sand the wood down I used an electric sander, and to get those pretty angled edges on the headboard I got to use a mitre saw (which I kept calling a circle saw...same difference, right?). And guess what? I looked nothing like Nicole Curtis. I was sweaty, my lines were far from straight, and I had sawdust in crevices that I didn't know I had. My hands were vibrating like crazy from the jigsaw, I sanded my finger twice with the sander, and the mitre box is officially the loudest and scariest tool ever. I swore I was going to lose a finger every time I turned the damn thing on. But you now what? I did it! I stepped outside of my comfort zone (and by comfort zone I mean scissors and a hammer) and I'm still alive to tell the tale! Hey Nicole, looking for a sidekick?!

Here are some pictures of the progress so far. Once everything is completed I will take some pictures of the finished room, but for now you will have to settle for these less-than-pinterest-worthy shots.

String art sign numero uno

 Headboard completed!

And here is a picture of the mitre saw that I was using. Seriously, that blade is no joke! 

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! And i apologize for the lack of nice pictures, after sitting on the ground hammering and sanding for 3 hours my phone isn't really in a picture taking mood. And by my phone I mean me.

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