Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 8...Things I do when I'm Alone...

Day 8...Things I do when I'm alone...

We have officially made it past the 1st week of our “Blog Every Day” challenge…It was a bit challenging with the holiday all mixed in there, but we made it happen!! Today’s topic will bring you into a new realm of my life—what I do when I am alone. Any free time that I have (where I am not working or sleeping) I try to spend with my hubs, and we are usually with one or more of our family members. On the off chance that the hubs is working and everyone else is busy, I occupy myself in the following ways:

1. Shop, shop, shop...Seriously, the perfect day for me would be a credit card with unlimited funds, a 6 story mall and a golf cart to carry my bags.

2. Take a lot of selfies...especially ones that involve my funky leggings..like these...

3.  Organize my drawers...I don't know why but there is something about emptying all of your drawers, refolding the clothes and placing them perfectly back in---it's amazingly relaxing

4. Watch America's Next Top Model marathons. I've seen every episode from Seasons 1-10 like a bazillion times. Never gets old. 

5.Feed my dog blow pops...and wheat thins...and food off of a fork (my hubby HATES when I use the fork!!)

6. Light a bunch of candles, turn on the "Elisa" station on Pandora and take the hottest bubble bath ever

7. Take pictures like this and send them to my niece...she gets enjoyment out of them

8. Go to Target (For all of you fellow shop-a-holics out there, you can agree that this is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than my number 1 answer above...when I walk into Target I have every intention of leaving with 1 item, and by no fault of my own I end up leaving with 57 items that I MUST HAVE for our house...shopping is entering the store knowing that I am going to spend entirely too much money from the start...big difference)

9. Research random topics and learn as much as I can in one day...some topics that I've read all about?
*Bioluminescent undersea creatures
*Josef Mengele (he is a sick bastard who did terrible experiments on twins in Auschwitz...I wish I could time travel just so I could kick his ass)
*Fake food that is used for movies & TV...seriously, it looks so real..

Now that you know a little bit about how I spend my “me” time, how about you? Are there any shows that you DVR for such an event? How about any particular beauty routine that fills the empty time? Check back tomorrow for an incredibly embarrassing story and then Wednesday for some of my summer favorites!


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