Friday, May 30, 2014

May iPhone Instadump

May iPhone Insta-dump

My original plan was to do a 5 things I'm loving / 5 on Friday post, but instead I decided to mix it up a bit. Welcome to my "May i-Phone Insta-dump / Five things I'm Loving Friday." Enjoy!

1. This Lipstick:
NYX Shocking Pink Matte Lip color
Its amazingly bright...its not gross and sticky like gloss..and it costs like $4 bucks

2. Florida Living:
This beautiful rainbow outside of our house
The brightest, bluest, most never ending sky I've ever seen
This ridiculous 5 inch spider crawling in our garage

3. These babies:
Aiv with his new side part
Annie Boo, Caleb, William, Josh & Nick
Cammie Girl
Max Mofo

 4.  Graduations:
 Baby sis-in-law graduated high school this week! 
Last one for 5 years until my baby brother graduates--OMG he is getting so old!
Mannie, Em, Gina, Mary, Stacey, Kimmy, Moi
Me and the graduate
My hubby and his baby sis

5. This guy:
My best friend
My soulmate
My hubby

Enjoy your weekend!!! Happy Friday!!!

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