Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Who needs a straightener?

Who needs a straightener?

So I'm going to tell you a funny story...But first, let me explain what happened last night...

Last night after dinner I had planned on plopping myself in front of the TV and watching my boys whoop the Clippers in game 1. 10 minutes into the game I knew that wasn't happening. Look, I'm all about supporting your team whether they are up or down--and they still have 100% of my support. I did not, however, feel like witnessing their asses being handed to them, so I decided to iron my work clothes for today instead. After my shirt and skirt were neatly pressed (or as neatly as I could press them in 5 minutes) I unplugged the iron and caught a glimpse of my freshly washed, freshly blow-dried hair. Hmmm, you know what I haven't done in like 10 years? That's right--I grabbed a wash cloth out of the closet and IRONED my hair! If you are not familiar with ironing your hair, you must not have grown up in a house with 2 sisters and zero straighteners. There are 2 ways to do it...If you are by yourself, you smush the burning hot iron onto one side of your hair and hold the washcloth on the other side..(beware of your neck/ears/hand/forehead, because it will get burned. And you will walk around for a week with a beautiful iron hickey. Trust me). You go around your whole head, then flip upside down and do the same thing. If you are lucky enough to have someone there helping you, you lay down on the bed (or floor), spread all of your hair out and brush it, then have them iron away. Flip on your side, then the other, then your stomach and Voila! your hair is literally the straightest it has ever been! Here is a lovely photo to show the process:

That brings me to my funny story..Rewind back 10 or 12 years..3 teenage girls living in one house with no straightener = a recipe for disaster. We would, on occasion, (ok every single day) borrow my mom's clothes iron to iron our hair. Let me describe this iron for a second---it was about 20 years old, it weighed like 15 pounds, and the entire fabric cord was repaired with electrical tape. Sounds really safe, right? Kind of resembled this:

So one day we are in the bedroom ironing each others hair. My sister was laying on the bed, hair spread out all over, and I was ironing away. All of the sudden, the iron starts to spark and make a buzzing noise. Picture on TV when something gets zapped by an electric fence or an electrical outlet. My first thought? Throw the iron on the bed...which is covered in blankets & pillows. I started to scream as the iron CAUGHT ON FIRE. Literally, it went up in flames. FYI, my sister's hair was still spread out on the bed, inches from the flaming iron. She jumped up and we were jumping around like 2 idiots, watching the iron burn a lovely hole in the center of the comforter. Luckily, one of us thought to unplug the damn thing (not sure which one of us--the whole 30 seconds was complete craziness) and the sparking/flames/zapping subsided. Needless to say, the iron was destroyed, the blanket was destroyed, and we all had really messy hair until we bought a new iron. Luckily, no one was hurt during this fiasco, and we all walked away with unharmed hair. Lessons learned? 

1. If the cord of an iron has electrical tape on it, don't use it on your hair
2. If the iron is older than you are, don't use it on your hair
3. 3 teenage girls should not be left alone with an iron, a brush and long hair

Any funny stories about ridiculousness from your younger years?

I hope you are all having a fabulous week!!


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