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The first time I saw him

The first time I saw him

In honor of Throwback Thursday, today I am going to tell you the story about the first time I laid eyes on my husband. It was the 1st week of November, 2009. I had just moved to Florida a few months before, and I was working at a large call center. A new hire class had just hit the floor and needed to partner up with the agents already working on the floor. My boss at the time, we'll call him "D," comes over and announces that his cousin will be sitting with me to learn the ropes. I was so excited---my boss thought I was good enough to train his cousin! Turns out, I was picked because "D" wanted to make sure his cousin sat with someone hot (his words, not mine), and it had nothing to do with my phone skills. Either way, a few minutes later was the beginning of my new forever...

He walked over, tall and broad with his not-so-southern accent, and took a seat next to me. There was something about him that made me trip over my words and threw me off was one of those moments where the words get caught in your throat and you end up choking out something ridiculous like "So, you're D's cousin, sucks for you." He sat down beside me in his striped button up and OH.MY.GOD he smelled amazing. Ok, you know how when you walk through a mall or down the street and all of the sudden you stop dead because someone smelled SO amazing that you want to take it all in?? Well that's how he smelled. I was trying to strategically move as close to him as possible without being the weird creepy girl who smells people she just meets. He listened carefully as I nervously chattered away on the phone, completely aware of how close we were. Between calls we filled the silence with small talk--Where are you from? What did you do before this? Sisters or brothers? (Kentucky, Floor Installation & 5, for those who were wondering). He had an incredible smile and an infectious laugh, and between the nervousness & insane attraction, I found myself completely absorbed in his presence. The day passed quicker than I would have liked, and as fast as he had come into my life, he was suddenly gone. I watched him walk away from my desk and throw one last glance my way before heading back to his training room.

In the 2 hours or so that he sat with me, I learned the following things:

1. He had a long-term girlfriend---For some reason when I found this out, I was secretly crushed. I should mention that I had a long term boyfriend at the time, so I had zero reason to be crushed, but like I said, there was just something about him.

2. He was also the cousin of 2 girls on my team---While listening in to my calls, 2 of the girls I had trained with were talking over the aisle to the hubby. I came to find out that they were also his cousins, and I instantly regretted not attending the Halloween party thrown by one of the girls a week before!

3. His voice could make you crumble---As I mentioned, I had just moved from Philadelphia a few months prior. I was finally getting used to the Southern drawl of my new town, but his voice and accent were something completely new to me! A sweet serenade blended perfectly with a rugged edge, his voice was one of the first things that drew me to him.

4. His eyes were amazing---When you first meet someone, you want to look them in the eyes to show that you are genuinely paying attention. He could have been speaking German for all I knew--his light green eyes sparkled and pierced right through me...I literally couldn't look away.

OMG those eyes!!!

5. I didn't want him to leave---As our training session drew to an end and he had to return to his team, I found myself upset that he had to leave. The country boy who had sat with me for a mere 2 hours was leaving. What if I never saw him again? What if he didn't like the job and quit tomorrow? What had this boy done to me!!?!

As luck would have it, Steven stayed with the company, and I saw him again the next day. His training class hit the floor and I found myself taking the long way out of the building more and more, just to stop at his desk. Our friendship grew closer every day, and I think we both knew deep down that our current relationships were never going to work out. Together as friends we celebrated our promotions, mourned the loss of our pets and secretly cheered at the demise of the others current relationship. After 15 months there was no more denying our feelings, and on February 18th, 2011 we shared the first of a millions kisses.

When I think back on these first few moments, I can picture it like it was yesterday, and I still get butterflies and whenever I reminisce. I guess meeting your soul mate has that kind of effect on you!

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