Friday, May 23, 2014

Summa-summa-summa time


It's Friday!!! And what better to do on Friday (ok other than go to the beach and bask in the glorious sun) than a Five-on-Friday post?!?!

Here are 5 things I am loving right now:

1. Milani Quick-Dry Polish in Teal
I have been looking everywhere for this color, and I finally found it at Walgreen's the other day!! Best part? It was 50% off!!! Second best part? It drys in like 45 seconds!!

And here it is on my nails:
SUCH a fun color for the summer!!!
(Jamberry black lace on my ring finger)

2. Three Day Weekends!! 
They come so few and far between, but they are SO worth the wait!! A whole extra day to do nothing!? I'm in!!

3. The Weather
Speaking of 3 days weekends, how about this amazingly exciting weather forecast!!:

That's is currently 90º outside right now!! And it will be 93º all weekend!!!! Seriously, I am having trouble containing my excitement!! You should now better understand the title of today's post...

4. The Walking Dead!! 
We are almost done with Season 2 (OMG what am I going to do!?!) and I am on the edge of my seat!! Like, obviously, I know what happens (in part because my momma told me, in part because certain characters are no longer on the show!) but I am so anxious and excited about the next few episodes!!!!

5. Cornbread Hot Dogs
So I found a recipe for Mini Corn Dog Muffins here and they looked so yummy!!! I figured since we will be having a Memorial Day bar-b-que this weekend, what better time to try them out!?! Seriously, how cute are they:

 I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!! And I hope that wherever you are, your weather is half as good as ours is going to be...if not, move your tush down to the sunshine state!!!!


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