Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Titanic in the backyard

Titanic in the backyard

I know, I have been totally absent around here for the past few days. I wish that I could say I had some great excuse, like we took off to Ireland for the week or we won a million dollars and were currently swimming in our winnings. Sadly, neither of those are true, and the only excuse I have for not blogging is that for the past 3 nights we have been watching season 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead. I am a total bandwagon Walker--I didn't start watching until Season 3--so I have never seen the beginning of the show. OHMYGOD it is amazing!! Me and the hubby are even more hooked now than we were before!! If you are a fan of the show then you know exactly what I mean!! My plan for tonight? Take a wild guess.....

This past weekend I planned on soaking up some beautiful Florida sun from the comfort of our backyard pool. We blew up all of the floats and tubes, loaded the squirts up with some sunscreen and headed out back. As we climbed the ladder and inched our way into the water, we suddenly realized a few things:

1. It is only May 17th
2. The water has only been in the pool for 1 week
3. The temperature outside has not reached above 90 yet
4. Our pool was officially colder than the Titanic joke

Needless to say, my ankles and shins were the only thing to touch the pool this weekend. Think we jumped the gun a little bit? Since the pool was out of the question, I decided to crisp brown myself in the sun for the remainder of the afternoon, and it was lovely! The time of year for bikinis, tan legs and millions of mosquitoes has finally arrived!!! (Speaking of mosquitoes, did you know that there is a truck that drives up and down all of the streets and sprays mosquito repellant every few days in the summer?! I had never heard of it until moving down here--apparently the mosquitoes are like 50 times worse down here so they have to constantly treat the fact, right?)

Anyway, I FINALLY took some outfit pictures!! Took long enough, right? You can thank my hubby for making me change out of my bathing suit into real clothes to go to dinner. 

Skinnies: Rue 21 / Cropped Tie Front Shirt: Can't remember, it was on a whim (similar here) /
Brown Tank: Hollister / Jewelry: Rue 21 / Watch: Kenneth Cole / Sunnies: American Eagle / Shoes: Target

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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