Thursday, May 1, 2014

14 Don'ts about me

14 don'ts about me...

Here comes another list post, since we all know how much I LOVE them!!!

I found this one on a new blog that I am following, who by the way I just found out live about 30 minutes from me. (You can find her blog here).

Today's list is about things that I don't do, don't like, and a whole bunch of other "don't's" (omg is there supposed to be 1 apostrophe or 2?? Seriously?!?) about me! Enjoy!!

*I don't wear...Capri pants. 5 foot 1 inch is entirely too short to be cutting off any more leg!

*I don't I wish I did--it is so much cheaper than Red Bull!! I've tried over and over but just can't develop a taste for it!

*I don't want...OKC to be eliminated tonight! In round one!! To MEMPHIS!!! C'mon Game 7!!

*I don't have...any children yet. One day (hopefully soon) that will change!!!

*I don't eat...seafood. Unless it is tuna fish out of a can, then it's ok. Other than than I want no parts of it.

*I don't buy...things at yard sales that cost more than $5...if you aren't willing to knock some $$ off the price, I keep on walking.

*I don't like to...get woken up. Or take the trash down. Or put folded laundry away. 

*I don't listen to...rap. Ever.

*I don't to play an instrument. I would love to learn how to play SOMETHING one day, I have just never had the patience/commitment/energy to do it yet!

*I don't make...enough homemade dessert! There have been a few experiments over the past few months, but I really need to get on the ball with this baking thing!

*I don't tolerate...people who pick on or make fun of others, especially kids or the elderly. I hate confrontation but when it comes to standing up for someone else I am right there.

*I don't need...half of the clothes in my closet, but I continue to shop and shop!!! I am currently on a shopping diet since we are going on our cruise in a few months, and!!!! 

*I don't in Philadelphia. It is dirty and crowded and the people are downright rude.

*I just don't...accept having the nutritional fact label facing out in my pantry! I am completely OCD when it comes to this (and MANY other things), and I have been known to empty and restock the entire pantry just to make 100% sure everything is facing the right way!

I hope everyone is having a great week, and I hope you are all staying dry!! Down here in the Sunshine State the weather has been far from desirable. Between roads caving in and cars floating away in the flood waters, we are lucky to still be standing!! Please keep our little town in your thoughts over the next few days!!

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