Thursday, May 22, 2014

Speaking of crafts

Speaking of crafts

The Rustic Guest Room decor is coming out wonderfully!! I just wanted to share a quick little sneak peak at a few more of the pieces that we have made so far. By the way, everything we are making has been out of free pallets---score!!!

Here is another finished string art:

This one was much less tedious that the last one (seen here), and I feel like the end result is much better! I kind of wish that I could make like 50 of them and hang them up all over the house, but then it might be overkill...we'll see :)

The other finished piece is a shelf-slash-dresser-slash-thing-that-will-hold-the-cable-box. My momma saw the idea online and I LOVED it, so we got to building. We took one 10 foot long pallet and cut it in half, then basically folded it into itself. Some nails here and some stain there (ok, some stain everywhere--everyone's arms, my brother-in-law's leg, the garage floor) and this is the finished product:

The picture doesn't really do it justice, in part because I am a terrible photographer and in part because the lighting in the room was way too bright. I swear, once the entire room is put together I will take a better picture of everything!!

And now for your viewing pleasure, I will share with you the hubby in action (FYI--I am obsessed with watching him work...something about him doing manual labor--love it!!) him...

 That's it for today, just wanted to drop in and get everyone's creative juices flowing! 

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