Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MDW Shenanigans

MDW Shenanigans

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!! Our weekend was full of relaxing, sitting by the pool and hosting a kick-ass Memorial Day BBQ! Yesterday's official head count in our 1,200 square foot house?? 26 people. You read that right. We somehow squeezed 26 crazy family members, 1 dog and way too much food into our not-so-spacious house. And you know what? It.was.awesome. It was crowded, it was loud and my air conditioner was practically choking from working overtime, but we had a great time!! We had delicious s'mores (during which 1 nephew almost caught another nephew on fire...true story) and a pool full of sodas that my niece may or may not have peed in (ok she did..safe to say everyone's soda drinking was done for the night after that.) What would a BBQ be without a little insanity, right? Here are some pictures to document the day:


My yummy Jello-Fruit dessert 

((the pool I was referring to above))

OMG I almost forgot about what happened on Sunday! Literally had me laughing for like an hour! So here we are in the pool, relaxing and throwing the ball back and forth. The normal rule is that when the ball goes out of the pool, the person who misses it has to climb out and get it. One exception is when the kids are in the pool with us--we normally lift them over the sides, they grab the ball and we lift them back into the pool. Now that my niece is a little older, she gets to join in on the ball-grabbing-fun (which is basically a glorified version of fetch, involving kids instead of a dog...we're a real stand up group let me tell ya)..Anywho, Cammie girl gets lifted over the side, grabs the ball and walks back over to the pool. Before making it all the way back, however, something must have caught her attention. At the exact moment that she starts RUNNING to the other side of the yard, we all notice exactly what she is running for. One thing that I should also mention is that my dog poops like a dinosaur. Seriously, the piles are like a foot tall---I don't even understand how. Anyway, there just so happened to be a fresh pile of dinosaur droppings sitting about 15 feet from Cammie. She takes off at a full sprint  and my brother-in-law somehow managed to clear the side of the pool and get to the other side of the yard in about a quarter of a second. Luckily, he caught her in time, but let me tell you, It was one of the funniest things I have seen in so long. My sister and I were dying laughing in the pool, and Cammie just thought it was the greatest thing ever. Oh, good times with the babies.

Have a great Tuesday!!

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