Saturday, February 1, 2014

My purse weighs WHAT?

While checking out in the self-checkout aisle at WalMart, I plopped my purse on the counter to get my wallet out. And don't-cha-know, the scanner has a built in scale to weigh groceries and such. I've always known that my purse weighed a lot--I like to be prepared for anything--but I had no idea how much it actually weighed!!

That's right, 6.33 pounds! How I don't have back or shoulder problems is beyond me. What do I keep in this ridiculously heavy bag, you ask? Well, I'll show you!

First, I'll lay it all out on the table..literally:

Starting with the basics, you see a wallet, a phone, a brush, a hair clip, some sunglasses, keys, lotion, nasal spray, ibuprofen, naproxen..(side note about naproxen--don't waste your money on Midol for cramps or endometriosis---naproxen is the EXACT same thing and it's about $4.00 cheaper!!)..mentos mints, some receipts, 2 cough drops, a nail file, a mirror compact and some pens...

Now onto the cornucopia of other items..why do I have a poncho, you ask? Because it was 10 cents at our local antique store's five & dime sale, and one day there will be a monsoon and I will be the ONLY one prepared!! That green circle thing next to the poncho is one of those hooks that hangs off of the table and you loop it through your purse, that way when you are at a restaurant, your purse is off of the floor..genius!!! A deck of cards?? Because one time many years ago, I was stuck in the Dallas airport for 12 hours with nothing to do...and that will never happen again..

Lip items--2 tubes of watermelon flavored soft lips chap-stick, baby lips in pink punch, revlon colorburst in coquette, revlon just bitten in lovesick & revlon just bitten balm in gothic

Now you will also notice a few zipped up containers..and I know that you are DYING to know what is inside, right? Well my friends, the wait is over...

Inside of the black zipper pouch is where I keep my USB phone charger and my AUX cord for my car..the green bag with the "B" is my change purse that also doubles as a bobby pin/safety pin holder..and the pretty little flowery pouch in the front? Came free with a box of tampons and it is wonderful!!

Inside of the clear zipper bag you will find the following: another mirror compact, pepto bismal, bandaids, wet wipes, 2 rubber bands, not 1 but TWO sewing kits (the white blue cross-blue shield oval and the kit off to the side), 5 bobby pins, benadryl, Tylenol cold & flu, 2 strap perfects and the BEST tweezers known to man...seriously, they are like $12 but they are fantastic!!! There is also usually a lifetime supply of immodium in this pouch (because I have the worst stomach in the world and have to take it with like, every meal) but I just used my last one and haven't filled 'em back up!

So there you have it folks, the contents of my bag. Not the most interesting thing you will ever read, but it made me realize all of the crap I keep in my purse AND I got to clean it out along the way! :) I challenge everyone to head to their local grocer and weigh their bag...I swear it's normal to do so...

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far! Now its off to finish cleaning and do my taxes...and my eyebrows, and give the dog a bath, and wash the cars, and cut my hubby's hair...anyone want to volunteer to help out?