Sunday, February 9, 2014

Commercials after midnight....

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!!

I almost got another tattoo last night, but thanks to me being a procrastinator and deciding at 8:00 at night, my tattoo shop was booked up for the night! And I am a complete spur-of-the-moment tattoo person. My current count is 11, and 80% of those were decided on a whim as I was thinking of what to do for the day. But unfortunately, this next one will have to wait.

On to the main topic of this post. Over the weekend while the hubby and I were laying in bed, we saw a commercial that made us both stop, look at each other and question whether or not we actually just witnessed that. The commercial starts out innocent enough--there is a little boy laying in bed, telling his mother how much he misses his dad. At this point in the commercial, you assume that the father is away in the military, and he will pop up at the bedroom door to surprise his miserable lonely family. Well, like mine, your assumption would be wrong. Fast forward a few seconds, and the mom is in her room looking at a picture of her husband--she tells him that she misses him too. So far so good, a real wholesome family commercial. Then she opens her drawer to uncover a gift that her missing husband has left for her. A ring maybe? A beautiful framed picture from their wedding perhaps? Maybe even a note telling her that he is waiting downstairs? Nope. Its a vibrator. A Trojan Vibrations to be exact. Now, I understand that this commercial was on after midnight, when most of the commercials consist of 18-year-olds in nighties laying on red velvet couches,  giggling seductively into the phone. Because, you know, that's how everyone looks on a Saturday night. My big issue with this commercial is that fact that there was a little boy involved in the first 10 seconds. I know that its all about making money, and the idea of the gift in the drawer is great, but how the hell was that explained to the kid playing the part? Like, hey, I know that you are 6 years old and you have no idea what sex is, but do you think your parents would mind if you took part in a vibrator commercial?? Sure, no big deal. Anyway, I have included the commercial below for anyone who doesn't stay awake into the wee hours of the night.

Lovely, right?

I'm off to go whip up a batch of fettuccine alfredo, then I will be counting down the minutes until THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!! Somewhere in the mix of all of that I will be dying my hair to take care of these atrocious roots and then maybe getting to bed at a decent hour to avoid anymore crazy commercials involving kids and sex toys.