Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A little about me...from A-Z

I got this idea from and thought it was so cute, so I figured I would write one too!! Hope you enjoy!

My sisters, brother and I...we are a pretty special group

A - Age: 28

B - Birthday: August 21st

C - Color: Green..especially neon green

D - Drink: Red Bull & Dr. Pepper

E - Essential Item: Chapstick

F - Flashback: Steven proposing to me, our wedding, the night we decided to start trying for a baby

G - Gent: My hubby--Steven, Swick, SWK <3

H - Hobby: Cooking, reading, watching DIY network

I - Indulgence: Mint chocolate chip ice cream, strawberry-banana daiquiris, pasta, cinnabon

J - Job: Commercial banking

K - Kiddos: Hopefully soon!!!! but for now, our lab/rottweiler Casper

L - Live: Panhandle, Florida..I would tell you the town but its so small that if you blink, you will miss it

M - Music: Country music is my go to...but lately I have been LOVING the pitch perfect soundtrack..and of course the backstreet boys will always have my heart

N - Nickname: Bee, Beez, Beenanz, Beezly, on a rare occasion Bri

O - Overnight hospital stays: Concussion when I was 9, tonsillectomy when I was 12

P - Pets: The most adorable dog in the world, Casper

Q - Quote from a movie: "You're like my own personal brand of heroin"--Twilight
"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb. What a stupid lamb. What a sick masochistic lion"--oh Edward Cullen
Paul Edgecomb: Your name is John Coffey? John Coffey: Yes sir boss. Like the drink, only not spelled the same--The Green Mile

R - Right or left: Lefty

S - Siblings: 2 sisters--Angela & Nikiya; one brother--Frankie

T - Temperature:  I LOVE the summer! I could spend every day on the beach, in the sand with a good book

U - University: I went to college at Drexel University

V - Vehicle: 2013 Dodge Dart..its seriously the brightest orange you have ever seen in your life

W - Worst Habit: I bite and pick my lips all.the.time

X - X-ray:  Ummm, maybe when I sprained my neck..and when I was in a car accident

Y - Yuck: Orange tic-tacs, orange soda, any skittles other than red or purple, flavored water

Z - Zoo animal favorite: Monkeys and cats (lions, tigers, cheetah...all of them!)