Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bathroom facelift

We had our house built a little over 3 years ago, and we have made tons of updates since then. We ripped up the floors, added back splash, painted some walls, added a fire pit and a pool and several other additions. One thing we haven't made any changes to is the master bathroom. We have big plans in store, including  replacing the tub with a tile shower and re-doing the closet, and we will eventually get around to doing them. Yesterday, however, I realized that I needed a change. The shower curtain has been the same for as long as I can remember, the vanity needed some major de-cluttering, and it just needed an overall face lift. So off to the store I went, decorative gears a-turning, and I spent 2 hours picking out some new decor. And let me tell you, I feel much better! Now it looks less like a plain jane bathroom and more like a cozy and romantic commode (I really just wanted to refer to it as a commode). Even the smallest little updates can make a room look 100% better!

How cute is that tissue box?! And the soap dispenser--amazinggg!! I am LOVING the Sofia Vergara collection...super sparkly and gaudy and exactly my taste!

Of course I had to buy the matching shower curtain and hooks to go with the tissue box. They are super sparkly and the picture does not do them justice.

I have been eying up these monogrammed towels for awhile now and I finally caved and bought them.  The shelf is also new...the space above the toilet was way too bare and I couldn't take it!

This picture was drawn by a woman I used to work with, and I absolutely love it! It has been in my bathroom for a few years now, but I figured it was still picture worthy :) 

So there it is, the new updates (and some old ones) to my bathroom. I love love love them and now I am even more impatient about our eventual bathroom remodel.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!!