Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Who wants to win a billion dollars?

Things have been pretty boring around the house lately, we've been sick and popping cold medicine like it's candy. But I didn't want to completely disregard the wonderful world of blogging, so I figured I would check in.

Firstly, in case you haven't heard, Lays is hosting their "Do Us A Flavor" contest again, where you come up with a flavor for their newest chip and you win a million dollars. So of course, yours truly has already enters 20+ times. And you can bet your sweet heiny that I will be entering plenty more times before the April deadline! So if you haven't yet entered, just go to and enter! And if you win, don't forget about the little lady who gave you the idea :)

On the topic of winning free money, I'm sure you have all heard that Warren Buffet is giving away ONE BILLION DOLLARS for anyone who gets the entire March Madness bracket right. I know, the chances of winning are like 1 in 10,000,000. But, you can't win if you don't try!! So come March 3rd I'll be entering my picks based on jersey colors and cool team names...isn't that how the pros do it??

As our trip to Philly gets closer and closer, me and the hubby are already planning our cruise for later in the year. Last year we went on a 5 day cruise since it was our 1st one and we had no idea how we would handle the sea sickness. Luckily, aside from one dose of Dramamine on day 2, we survived and are ready for cruise # 2. This year we are thinking of making it 7 days instead, and we are looking into Belize & the Grand Cayman Islands. Belize has a cave tubing excursion that looks AMAZING!! And Cozumel is the 3rd port of call, which means more SHOPPING!! :) Ugh this winter vortex outside is making it impossible to think of the sunny beaches that to get me by, I'll just stare at this picture from the summer....

Oh summer, how I miss thee.....

Tonight's post is a short one, I'm off to snuggle under a blanket and watch some HGTV. Hope everyone is having a great week!!