Saturday, January 4, 2014

Irrational Fears

So let's talk about some legitimate irrational fears that I have. At one time or another, everyone feels that momentary pang of anxiety. You know the one--you are halfway to work, and you just KNOW that you left your straightener plugged in, your garage door is wide open and your stove is on, slowly filling your house with gas (No, that last one is just me?). While I may have experienced some all of those fears at one time or another, this post takes it one step further..a real one-upper.

The fear that everyone, in the parking lot of every gas station/supermarket/convenience store, is going to steal the car with me inside of it, ultimately kidnapping and killing me. This happens when the hubby runs into said location to grab something, and it is either too cold for me to get out of the car, or my slippers and robe combination is not exactly presentable enough for the public eye. To avoid being kidnapped and throw into a lake attached to a cinder block (this is what goes through my head while sitting there...true story), as soon as Steven gets out of the car, I immediately lock the doors and roll all of the windows up, and they remain locked until his hand is literally on the handle trying to get back in. Safety first!

I hate the dark. Most kids hate the dark for obvious reasons--monsters, ghosts, zombies. Usually, after growing up and realizing the truth behind most of these adolescent fears, they get over it. Not so true in my case. Personally, I don't see a need for darkness. Sure, people need to sleep and the other side of the world needs sun and blah blah. But honestly, what good really comes from darkness. Most crimes happen at night, when creepers and thieves can hide in the shadows. Car accidents? I would bet that a good majority occur after the sun goes down. And those weird creatures that live in the woods behind your house..they come out at night too. Seriously though, I won't go out back of my house at night by myself--or walk through the kitchen without turning on every light along the way.

I wear, at minimum, 3 shirts a day. Sure, they look really cute and add color to your outfit. But the real reason that I wear so many? I have this horrible fear that one day, someone is going to spill acid or flaming gasoline on my shirt and I am going to rip it off, leaving only my bare stomach and bra for the world to see. Weird, right, considering I will wear a bikini with no problem? I know what you are going to say, how often does this really happen? My answer--if it does happen, I'll be prepared.

How about one more for good measure? You know how every house makes noises, mostly at night when the TV goes to commercial and the room is dead silent? Well for me, every noise is inevitably someone breaking into our house to rob and kill us. (Sensing a theme?). The dog bumping into the door while he sleeps? Nope, that's someone picking the lock on the front door. The A/C or heat kicking on? That's someone opening the living room window and climbing in. I couldn't count the number of times Steven has gotten up and checked the house, just so I felt safe going to sleep. The things he does for love <3

Anyway, signing off for the night. What are some of your irrational fears? You know you want to share...