Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We're going to Philly!!

Ok, so we aren't going for like 6 weeks...but I am still SUPER excited!!! Last year we went to Pigeon Forge in February. and we had such a great time that we were going to go again this year. But since we haven't been back to Philly in a few years, and since my grandmother isn't doing too well, we are going back up to the City of Brotherly Love for a few days. And I am psyched!! To start with, I haven't seen my big sister since our wedding (crazy!!) and I am dying to see her and excited to meet her boyfriend!! Here's a pic of me and my sis from a few years back:

Aside from seeing my family, I am over-the-moon excited for all of the food!! I absolutely love living in Florida, and I wouldn't change it for anything. But there is no comparison when it comes to the food. I have seriously contemplated driving up to Philly on several occasions to get a greasy cheese steak or some amazing pizza. The first time the hubby went up to Philly to visit, we literally ate pizza 5 times (we were there for a week). And most important of all----WAWA!!! The thought of being able to get Wawa whenever I want, 10 times a day if I so choose, is a GREAT feeling!!! In a few weeks when we do go up there, you can expect lots of pictures of family and me stuffing my face, but until then, I'll give you a sneak peak at all of the things I am looking forward to:

Cheesesteaks!!!! There is nothing that compares to a greasy, cheesy mess that has about 4000 calories and makes you feel like a fat cow after you eat it. If you are planning a trip to Philly, head to Steve's Prince of steaks and ask for a "Whiz-without." AMAZING!

 Real pizza!!! Down here the only pizza places are chains like Dominos or Pizza Hut. It's not really pizza unless you have to blot it with a paper towel before you eat it to get the grease off.

Nifty Fiftys---its a 50's style restaurant that has the most amazing cheese fries and spicy-cheese-chicken nuggets. And their milkshakes are killer!!!

Soft pretzels...if you are from Philly or anywhere close, you know that the best ones are sold on the side of the road from some guy who looks like he hasn't showered in 3 days...or you could just be boring and go to the Philly Soft Pretzel Factory

Tastykakes have finally made it to the Sunshine State, but they have yet to bring the Jelly Krimpets down anytime I am up in Philly I make sure to stock up!

And most of all: 

You didn't think I would leave this off of my list, did you?!?! Wawa is the epitome of a perfect store. Want a hoagie? How about a bowl of mashed potatoes at 4am? Hungry for a sweet cream cheese stuffed pretzel or some french vanilla cappuccino?? Better head to Wawa!! 
((FYI, for anyone who is not from the Northeast, a hoagie is what we call a sub...a roll with meat, cheese and condiments...and they are delicious!))

If you have made it through this post without licking your screen, feel free to read it again. For everyone else, I apologize for making you hungry. 

Have a great night!!