Thursday, January 2, 2014

My love for food

It is no secret to anyone that knows me how much I love food..I have never been one of those "order a salad because it's healthy" or "skip dessert because I've already had too many calories" kind of gals. Not that I should..I am well aware of my weight (or lack thereof) and luckily I have never had to worry about watching what I eat..that being said, I sometimes go a little overboard when it comes to food..((That may be an understatement..)) In a normal day I take in upwards of 3000 calories...this morning whilst browsing through my phone pictures, it occurred to me that not only do I consume large amounts of food, I also have the habit of taking pictures of said food and sending them to people...for example...

On our trip to Miami, we drove (entirely too far) out of the way for WAWA!! If you've never heard of it, google it..if you know what it is, then you understand my need to stop and get it!!

Last year's was our first attempt and it turned out fabulous!!!

My sister and I LOVE this kind and I found it!! 

Sausage and tomato sauce with garlic and Merlot over pasta..we are pretty spiffy cooks! 

We asked for extra sauce at Taco Bell..the lady though she was funny and gave us 75....

Some fancy schmancy 4th of July desserts I made! Thank you Pinterest!

Homemade gnocchis and gravy..did I mention I am italian and we love pasta in our house!?

Some breakfast shots..

This year's thanksgiving dinner..yes, this is my plate...

Maybe I should make that a recurring post for this blog.."Adventures in Calories"..we shall see! 

2 posts in one day? Let's not count on this happening too often!!