Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Oh April, how I love thee

So you know how everyone looks forward to certain months for certain reasons? For example...The start of November puts me in the holiday spirit. In less than a month I know that there will be turkey, sweaters and Christmas trees everywhere! Then comes December, and the rush of Christmas excitement kicks in. The shopping, the wrapping, seeing the hubby's face when he opens all of his gifts--it's the best! Well that's kind of how I feel about April. I know that the cold weather is hopefully done, which means that I can finally pack up the sweaters and whip out the bikinis! April means planting flowers and getting the garden ready. April means flip flops. all.the.time. April means that our weekend beach trips and afternoons lounging in the pool are only a stone’s throw away. No more defrosting windshields and grabbing a just-in-case cardi EVERY day. Ohhh the sweet taste of April.

On a side note---there is a particular shade of pink nail polish that I wear like all summer long. I call it summer pink..mainly because I don't know the real name of it, but also because it is the best shade of nail polish for the summer. It is literally the brightest neon pink you can buy, and it makes your feet look about 100 times tanner than they really are. It has been my go to shade for years. Reason for telling you this? It is April 1st and I have officially debuted the summer pink. And I'm not even a little bit sorry. I would snap a picture of my toes but considering feet are one the ugliest things ever created, I'll pass on that. And I would share a picture of the bottle with you but considering I am like the worst beauty blogger in the world, I'll just tell you again that I call it summer pink.

In keeping with the pink theme, I threw on one of my new pink maxis (yes, there are multiple) and hit the road. Ok, not really the road, but I did go buy new patio furniture and a wind chime! Here is a look at my weekend attire:

Dress: Rue21 (here) 
Shoes: Bongo Flats...can't find them online anywhere!!!
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Bracelets: Rue 21

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Stay tuned tomorrow for my newest fashion find---a palazzo romper!! Yep, sure did!