Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I love it when we're cruisin' together

Guess who just booked another cruise!?!? This gal and her hubby!!!

That's right,in just a few short months we will be sailing away to exotic Belize, Mahogany Bay & Cozumel. Can I tell you how excited I am? FREAKING thrilled!!

We have been trying to decide for a few months now where we wanted to go and when we wanted to sail out, and we finally decided on a place!! And we got an AMAZING deal!!! Last year's cruise was 5 days, with only 2 destinations. This year we are going for 7 days and visiting THREE beautiful places, and it only cost us $50 more!!! Seriously, we couldn't pass it up.

Tonight I am going to give you a few tips on booking a cruise. I am by no means an expert (being that this is only my 2nd cruise), but I love sharing tips to save others money! So here goes:

1. Book a cruise. Ok I know that's not a tip, but going on a cruise is so much cheaper than airfare and a hotel in Hawaii or the Bahamas. I was looking up different rates to see which would be the better option, and we are literally paying one third of the price by cruising!

2. Be flexible! In order to find a great deal, sometimes you have to be really open with your dates. A cruise leaving in July, for example, is almost 2 times more expensive than a cruise leaving in September. The best thing about Carnival's website is that you can hold a reservation for 24 hours (for FREE) while you put in your vacation time at work!

3. Book your excursions through the cruise line! If not, you risk getting lost in a random shady town in Mexico with no money. True story, read about it here.

4. Book well in advance. Cruise lines offer early saver discounts for booking super early AND you can usually put down way less of a deposit. Also, it gives you plenty of time to hit the beach or the tanning salon :)

5. Shop around. We are personally fans of Carnival, mainly because it is the "Fun Ship." I have never personally been on any other cruise line, so I may be super biased, but we love Carnival. There are plenty of other cruise lines out there if Carnival's dates don't meet your needs, so be open to other possibilities.

I hope I was able to provide some good info about booking a cruise. Now go out there and book one!! And in the meantime, take a look at the beauty that we will be sailing away on:

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