Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adventures in fashion

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I ventured out into the realm of new fashion this weekend. Like way out. And you know what? I LOVED it! I always try to bring some kind of flair and excitement to my wardrobe--I throw on a crazy necklace or some sparkly shoes and I'm set. Well this outfit is a ball of excitement all in itself. I introduce to you, the palazzo romper:

Romper: (here)
Vest: Rue 21
Jewelry: Rue21

First of all, the pattern. OMG I am in love.
Second of all, unless you have worn this, you have no idea how insanely comfortable it is.
Third, I can literally mix and match this with so many things. Vest, check. Cardi, check. Comfy tee, double check.
Fourth, ok there is no fourth. But really, I think you need to go out and buy one. I know that so many FBloggers are super anti-romper and anti-palazzo. But you need to try it out. I feel like it is worth owning one even if you only wear it around your house while eating a carton of ice cream. (Did I mention they are super stretchy and flowy?)

How do you feel about the romper look? I am officially sold on it. And I may have also bought a second one with cinched elastic ankles (Which are apparently called harem pants?) Ok I did. And I love it. And here it is: Harem Romper

I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!!!