Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happiness times 32!!

I figured after reading about Erin & Kate's "32 Things That Make Them Happy," that I might as well join in on the fun! It's always a great time when you get to share all of your favorite things with others!
Here goes..the 32 things that make me the happiest:

1. My husband--he is my rock and my best friend and makes me happier than anything else in the world

2. My family--they are the coolest people you will ever meet

3. My fur-baby Casper--the cutest most spoiled dog there ever was

4. Strawberry-banana daiquiris---most restaurants won't list them on the menu, but they can make them for you...and they are de-lish!

5. Summer pink nail polish--it is beautiful and bright and makes you look super tan!

6. Spring---it is finally here and I am loving it!!! Wedges, maxis, tanks...LOVE

7. Snuggling with the hubby--another one of my favorite things in the world!
8. Planning another cruise--we had the most amazing time on the first one and can't wait to go back!!!

9. Living in Florida--by far the best state to live in
10. Laying on the beach---I can already smell the salt and feel the sand between my toes!!

11. Walking out into the heat after being inside of a freezing cold restaurant

12. Hearing my nieces and nephews laugh hysterically--best sound in the world

13. Ordering a nachos supreme from taco bell, just so I have something to eat on the ride home..where I will then proceed to eat at least 3 more tacos

14. Ordering free samples in the mail..seriously--toilet paper, makeup, laundry soap, you name it

15. Dumping the basket of warm clothes on top of me while folding laundry

16. Getting my hair

17.Spaghetti!!! Only with homemade gravy--none of that jarred stuff!!

18. Waking up in the middle of the night to pee and realizing it is only 1:00am..and you still have 6 hours to sleep

19. Rue21--seriously the best store ever invented

20. When my team wins...especially when they snap San Antonio's streak!! 

21. Night swimming--especially with the tiki torches lit and the moon high in the is amazing

22. Watermelon blow pops--I always try to have a few on hand..I buy an entire bag of blow pops, pick out the watermelon and give the rest away

23. Pitch perfect---the movie and the soundtrack..can't wait for # 2 to come out!!!

24. When my hubby sings old country songs to me...Ronnie Milsap and Chris young are my faveeees<3 <3

25. Red Bull--I literally can't start my day without it...i HATE coffee, so this is my pick-me-up

26. Lucky is taking over our house..every time I buy a new one the hubby tells me that we already have too many...and then I proceed to buy it anyway

27. Glitter, rhinestones and sequins..on everything!! I feel like you can never have enough!

28. Steak..Especially Porterhouse!! One of my favorite meals that the hubby cooks!

29. Reading Nicholas Sparks--I have read almost all of his books and have yet to be let down. ((Side Note--the movies are all amazing too!!)

30. Tattoos--I am utterly addicted to them and as I am getting one, I am already planning the next one in my head. Obsessed

31. The smell of pickles. As a kid I could eat them by the jar. Now I can't stand the taste of them, but I will smell them over and over again just so the smell will linger. And my husband gives my pickle kisses so I can taste the juice...yummm

32. When my hubby texts me just to say that he loves me...he is the best <3

Thank you ladies for the inspiration to to write this list. It makes me feel so lucky to have SO many things to be happy about!! What makes you the happiest?? Feel free to comment and share!! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!