Thursday, April 17, 2014

I never thought I...

Link up time! Today's link up was found on "The Other Juliet's" page, and it's all about the things I never thought I would do.

I never thought I...

...would move to Florida. I was born and raised a city gal!! The thought of back-roads country living was the furthest thing from my mind, imagine that! But when it's between trash covered streets or white sandy beaches, I think I made the right choice. and the hubs soaking up some sun..

...would get married. Until I met my hubby, I had all but sworn off marriage. Luckily, he was able to swoop in and knock me off my feet!

...would be counting down the days until the NBA playoffs start (its 2, in case you were wondering). Nor did I ever think I would actually have a favorite team, and know their record, annnnd get really upset when they lose a game...what has gotten into me!?

...would be ok with the idea of spending $10,000 on fertility treatments...omg that's ridiculous

...would have a dog. I have been a cat person for as long as I can remember---dogs were out of the question until our fur-baby came along

...would be a vegetarian for 7 years, then turn back into the biggest carnivore on the planet. Seriously, t-rex has some heavy competition.

{{omg I could lick the computer}}

...would be getting ready for cruise # 2! As a teenager I planned countless vacations, then when I realized that you actually had to have money and a passport (wtf?) those plans quickly changed.

...would be almost 29!! Ok, so obviously this was inevitable unless some horrific tragedy prevented it, but seriously, 29!?! Ugh

...would have a brand new house built, own a new car & be married to the most perfect guy ever all before 30. OMG I'm a grown up!

Your turn!!! What are some things that you NEVER thought you would do in your life?!?

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