Monday, March 3, 2014

My 5 celebs...

Once upon a time on the best show ever, the gang came up with a list of the 5 celebs they were able to sleep with. Ross went as far as to laminate the list, only to have it bite him in the ass a few minutes later. The show is FRIENDS, and the idea makes a good conversational topic. Steven and I have come up with our own lists, not that we would ever meet these people or follow through with the affair. One of Steven's top gals is Kate Beckinsale...I think Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston are on there too?? I'll have to ask him again...

Anywho, here is my list of the 5 hunk-a-licious actors that I am theoretically allowed to sleep with:

Zac Efron
I'm not talking about the pre-pubescent High School Musical Zac Efron, I'm talking about the tight shirted army vet from "The Lucky One." Or the hunky aviator wearing bike rider from "New Years Eve." Let's take a few moments to enjoy the wonder that is Zac Efron, shall we:

Channing Tatum
Is there really an explanation necessary for this one? Maybe it was when he played the husband who wouldn't give up in "The Vow," or maybe it was the shirtless surfer in "Dear John," but he has been on my list for years (along with 47 millions others, Im sure). Let's take a peek:

Cam Gigandet
So when I first saw Twilight, the creepy blonde vampire named James didn't even cross my mind. Shortly after, however, I discovered a movie called "Never Back Down" and completely changed my opinion. I urge you to watch it..couldn't tell you what the movie was about, but I do know that he was shirtless--a lot...and if you haven't seen Burlesque, take a few hours and watch it...not many men can make eyeliner look that good. Without further ado:

The Hemsworth brothers
I know there are 2 of them, but this is my list and I make the rules. So I am counting them as one. There is Chris, who is one of the few people that could make "Thor" look good, and Liam, who made it to my list after "The Last Song" with Miley Cyrus. These boys have got some good jeans, let me tell you! And here they are:

Josh Duhamel
Remember that movie "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton?" Yep, same guy. He made a charming, comforting widow in "Safe Haven" and an obnoxious but-in-the-end great father in "Life as we Know It." And he just happens to round out my top 5:

So there it is, the list of 5 celebs I am allowed to sleep with. I won't, of course, but it's always a fun game to play! Who did I miss? Anyone that makes your top 5 that I left off???

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!