Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm back!!!!

I'm baccccckkk!!! Sorry for the long hiatus--I was traveling up north to the dirtiest city in America city of brotherly love. Since I am a big huge freak and such a worry wart, I didn't want to publicly post that I was leaving the state---you never know if you have some crazy stalker just waiting to rob your house while you are away. Instead I just scheduled some posts before I left to hold everyone over. But now I am officially back and ready to re-join the blogging world!!! I know it's only been a week, but I feel like I have been gone forever!!!

My trip to Philly was wonderful!! If you follow me on IG I tried to post a few pics here and there to keep everyone in the loop. The best part of the whole trip?? I got to see my big sister, who I haven't seen in 17 months!!!! And now I feel (more than ever) that she needs to move to Florida, like ASAP.

I will give a little recap of my trip, then I'll post some pictures to share the experience:

First of all, it was f'ing freezing. Like, wearing 2 jackets and I was still cold kind of weather. I know that I was born and raised in the frigid temperatures, but let me tell you--my blood has THINNED out since moving to the sunshine state. I am now a big baby when it comes to the cold weather.

Second, I ate a TON of food up there. I'm talking cheese steaks, pizza, spicy-cheese-chicken-nuggets, water ice, pretzels, tasty-kakes and lots & lots of Wawa. For the most part, I was eating just for the sake of eating, even when I wasn't hungry. I mean, seriously, who would pass up a greasy cheesy Whiz-Without? Not this girl! 

Nifty Fiftys is seriously one of the BEST restaurants in Philly...yum

If you are ever in Philly, I highly recommend that you bypass Pat's or Geno's steaks and take a detour to Steve's steaks will not be disappointed

Case in point...whiz-without

Rita's Water Ice--rot beer twist gelati with chocolate

Peanut chews are absolutely delicious and they only sell them up north..bastards

To offset some of the grease and fat, we stopped at Saladworks since we don't have them down here in Florida..well worth it

Finally, we really didn't get to do anything that we planned. Take Steven to IKEA so he could bask in the glory that is the most amazing store ever? Nope, too cold. Take him downtown to see the Eastern State Penitentiary, the Franklin Institute and the sports stadiums? Still too damn cold. Introduce Steven to the famous Tony Luke's sandwiches? Hey look, it's 12ยบ outside and I don't want to lose any limbs. Luckily, Philly has plenty of indoor malls, so we took full advantage of the shopping! They also have a FANTASTIC thrift store, 2nd Ave, and I was more than happy to make a trip there! 

As much fun as I had, and as amazing as the food was, ( it was amazing) I am so happy to be back home and back in my routine. The 1300 mile drive up and back whooped me, and the lack of sleep/consumption of entirely too much fast food screwed me all up! I am happy to report that I am finally feeling back to normal again, and I am super excited to catch up on my reading!!! 

Here are some more pictures from the trip:


The only way to eat  Rita's Water Ice...topped off with a soft pretzel

Lunch with the hubby at Nifty's

Such a hottie he is

<3 sisters <3

Family shot..minus Mason, Brett & Gerri

Great shot of the family...with Brett & Mase poking over the top

Family pyramid <3

Papa dukes with his girls

Me & my sisters with grammom

She was CRACKING up laughing!!!!!

Pyramid on pop

 I hope everyone had a fabulous week while I was gone!!!! I had a wonderful time up there and I'm happy to be back!!!