Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday

In honor of TBT, which I have never participated in, I decided to throw it all the way back to ten years ago. What better way to make me feel good about myself than to talk about how much better life is now, as compared to 2004. To start out, let's talk about some notable events that happened on March 13th throughout history:

March 13th 1781 Sir William Herschel discovered a comet, which actually turned out to be Uranus
March 13th 1884, the US adopted the "Standard Time" system
March 13th 1939 Neil Sedaka was born
March 13th 1987, John Gotti was acquitted of racketeering
And finally...
March 13th 1993, The Blizzard of '93 hits North-East US..and hit us it did

Now that we have traveled a bit down memory lane, let's focus on March 13th 2004 and how different my life was back then:

I was a few months shy of turning 19. Looking back now I was such a baby!
I was a freshman in college, studying Nursing. Oh how naive I was, assuming that the next 5 years would breeze by with excitement and enjoyment.
I was working at "The Fun Spot," a children's birthday party center similar to Chuck-e-Cheese. It was an easy-peasy job where I could jump around in bounce houses every night---and you better believe I did.
I was in my first serious relationship. Although I would have loved to just skip over all of the frogs, each prior relationship made me realize what I wasn't looking for in a partner, and ultimately led me to my hubby.
I was living in my childhood home in Philadelphia, probably freezing my tush off. I wasn't out on my own yet, and with school and work I had no desire to move out at that point.
I was a vegetarian, my favorite food was spaghetti, and I spent most of my time working and going to school.
I had no car, I still didn't have my driver's license, and I took the smelly dirty bus when I had to get somewhere.
I had no desire for children--I thought I wanted to be the career-centered-loved-to-travel kind of woman.

Let’s compare those things with March 13th, 2014:
I am a few months shy of turning 29 (ohmygod that's crazy)
I am paying entirely too much money in student loans for my unfinished college degree
I am working in banking, and have been for the last 7 years, on and off.
I have been married to the love of my life for almost 2 years, and I couldn't be happier. I am living the absolute fairy tale by falling in love with my best friend, and I wouldn't trade one single second!
I live in the beautiful sunshine state and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. We have a mortgage and a beautiful house and I love every bit of it!
I am a HUGE meat eater (I don't know how I ever went 7 years without a steak!!!), spaghetti is still up there on my favorite foods (along with steak...) and I still spend most of my time working. I guess some things never change
I have a beautiful brand new car that is quite possibly the most obnoxious color in the world.
I would do pretty much anything in the world to have a baby now--like, literally anything.

Looking back, my 18 year old self was so much different than my current self. I know that we all grow up, and 10 years is a helluva long time, but I feel like I have really learned so much in that time. I have lived and loved, I have matured immensely and I can't complain about what aging has done to my face or body. My life is 10 times better, 100 times more complete, and 1000 percent more amazing than before.

So I searched and searched through Facebook to find a picture from 2004. I even went to the length of searching myspace (seriously haven't been on there in like 5 years) but I couldn't find one damn picture!!! I did however find a few pictures from way back when, so I figured I would share them.

This one is probably around 1990 or so...such a little fashionista I was

This may be around 1993 or so...the beginning of the awkward and the baby sis

And this is more like 1998 when I thought it would be a good idea to chop my bangs and the big sis
And yes, there are cats on my sweater...oh the 90's

I hope everyone enjoyed my comparison and my trip down memory lane, and I hope you are all having a fabulous week!!