Sunday, March 16, 2014

Outlets and throwed rolls

No, that is not a typo, I actually meant to type throwed rolls in the title. There is a restaurant not too far from us called Lambert's, and they are known for their "throwed rolls." The reason for this? They actually throw rolls across the restaurant at you. Seriously. The place it pretty damn awesome--they play pranks on you while you eat, you get like 5 "pass-around" side dishes on top of your own sides, and they throw giant softball sized rolls at you--what more could you ask for? The wait time to get in averages between 45 & 90 minutes, depending on the size of your party, but once you are inside you forget about the hour of your day that you just wasted standing under a covered porch. They serve your drink in this ginormous (yep, it's a word) plastic cup, and they announce birthdays on the loudspeaker like the president was arriving. There are a few locations around the country (2 in Missouri & 1 in Alabama) so if you happen to live close I recommend stopping in. You can visit the website here: Lamberts Cafe

The outside of the restaurant kind of resembles a Cracker Barrell--covered porch, gift shop, old time signs everywhere. Its a perfect example of some down south country cooking.

My usual-Roast Beef, Carrots, Corn & Mashed Potatoes. While you are eating, they also bring around fried okra, macaroni & tomato, black eyed peas & fried potatoes. Yum

The hubby's lunch--amazingggg ribs..the sauce was delicious!

I wasn't kidding--they actually throw the rolls across the restaurant at you. It turns into a huge thing every few minutes--everyone standing up in their booth trying to catch the flying rolls, which may I add are about 100 degrees when you catch them. All of this while the guy is screaming "hot rolls!" Great time

My huge roll, which had already been partially devoured prior to the picture. They are delicious!

I had to take a picture to share just how huge the cups are. And each drink has a different color (blue may or may not be Dr. Pepper) so the server doesn't have to ask what you had.

After a very enjoyable lunch, we headed next door for some outlet shopping. There are only 2 outlet malls close to us, both about an hour and a half away, so when we go, we stay for hours!! My goal for this trip was to head into the MK outlet and pick up a watch for a great deal. No such luck. The watches were the same price or more than they were in the stores. End result? A pair of comfy sweats and a hoodie from GAP, and a new pair of aviators from American Eagle. Lucky for me the weather is gloomy and rainy today, so my new purchases are currently getting great use.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!!