Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I'm loving Wednesday!

Since I seem to see the "5 on Friday" a lot, I decided to write my own..and since it's not Friday, today's post is about the seven things I'm loving right now..on Wednesday...

1. The number 1 thing that I am loving right now is that Steven and I have been married for 542 days! That means that in 5 days, we will have been married for a year and a half!! In that year and a half, we have been through so much--we have had plenty of amazing days and more than a handful of days where strangling each other seemed like a splendid idea. Each day that passes makes us stronger & brings us closer together, and I can't wait to spend the next 25,000 days by his side!

542 days ago today I married my best friend <3 <3 <3

2.Cotton Candy Body Spray--I found it at Walgreens a few months ago on my lunch, and every time I would go in I would spray it all over. Well I finally caved and bought it, and it smells delicious!! It's not too sweet to the point where it makes you gag, and it lingers just long enough that you can still catch a faint trace of it at 5:00. LOVE!

3.My newfound interest in Yoga--Hopefully by the end of the summer my flexibility will increase dramatically (considering I can BARELY touch my toes right now) and I will feel better and more energized.

4.Graffitti Nail Polish. If you haven't seen it, check out my Instagram here for a picture. It adds the perfect amount of flair to your nails without being overpowering, and it makes it look like you actually took the time out to do them, when the reality is that it took you 4 minutes during the commercials of TWD.

5. The weather!! It has finally reached gardening/power washing/cleaning up the outside season and I am thrilled!!! At the close of every winter the hubby and I are chomping at the bit to mow the yard, mulch the garden, plant some flowers and get ready for summer!

6. These fence frames that I found on Pinterest. This will make our first official summer project and will look adorable on the fence out back! 

7. TWD--I am literally jumping out of my skin excited for Sunday night! Is Terminus good or bad? Who's getting hacked? (My guess is Maggie---foreshadowing with the picture much?) Will they all meet up?? So many questions!!! 

I hope everyone is having a great week!! What are you loving this week??!