Thursday, June 26, 2014

The best laugh you will have all day

The best laugh you will have all day

Ok so I am a huge fan of finding different fun hairstyles on youtube/pinterest, then trying them out on myself. Usually, I have great success and I fall in love with the technique, and then I do my hair the same way over and over.

Take for example the simple french braid. After showering at night, I do my hair in french braid pigtails, and when I take it out the next morning before work, it looks like this:

(Old picture, I just miss my long hair!!)

Another example are the Bantu Knot curls. I found the video on YouTube, tried it out and LOVED it!! You should know that my hair doesn't hold a curl for anything (the joys of pin straight, paper thin hair) so the fact that it curls at all is wonderful! Here is a picture of the Bantu curls:

Based on these 2 styles, I figured, what the hell! Let's try something new! I found a video on YouTube about how to make your hair into a beautiful afro. The technique looked super easy, and I mean, come on, how fun would it be to have an afro for a day!?! The answer to that question? Not fun. First I will show you the instructional video--super easy to put in, no problem to take out, and everything looks smooth and sleek when finished:


Adorable, right? Ok, so a little scary-spice-ish, but still...a super fun hairstyle to try out. Now I am going to share with you my version of the hairstyle. By the way, I fully anticipate the laughs and hilarious comments and I will be completely understanding. And just so you don't feel bad about almost falling out of your chair laughing, I will tell you that my hubby almost died when he saw it. Like, I literally thought he was going to drop the phone from laughing so hard. Not that I blame him...Good times.

Seriously..that's my hair  

I'll give you a minute before I continue...

Ok so first of all, I don't know what went wrong. Did I wrap them too tight? Was it the fact that I fought with the rubber bands for 25 minutes to get them out? (My hair is so thin that I had to put a rubber band at the bottom of each bobby pin to hold it in place). Is it just simply that afros are not made for poker-straight hair? Whatever the reason for this monstrosity, I will never again attempt this style. I can officially say that this was a fail. Like, not even "oh maybe I'll try again to see if it will come out different." No. This is absolutely horrifying and I will never put my poor hair through this torture again. Lesson learned. Oh, and as fun as it would have been showing up to work like this, the ONLY way that I could semi-fix this was to put my head under the faucet and soak my hair. Awesome.

I hope that I was able to give everyone a good laugh today and please feel free to share this...if I can help out even one other person then I have done my good deed for the day.

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