Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Survival Kit 101

Survival Kit 101

Today I was invited by the lovely Alexandra, the community manager over at Man Crates, to talk about my must-have survival kit. "Man Crates" is an AWESOME new company that specializes in gifts for the wonderful men in our life! And get this---all of the gifts come packaged inside a custom wooden crate!! I don't know about your hubs/father/brother, but grillin' supplies, bar-b-que sauce and beer, all served up in a manly box?  Sounds like the perfect gift to me! And the best part?? Each box comes with its own crow bar to pry the bad boy open! Check out there website here. I promise you won't be disappointed!!

In honor of the manly crates filled with some of the coolest products (seriously guys, one of their boxes is called the "Zombie Annihilation Crate" and comes with everything from a machete to Twinkies), I am going to share with you 5 of my must have items. So, without further ado...

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1. My cell phone
Two weeks ago we went on a 7 days cruise to Mexico, and it was amazing. The salty air, the sea breeze, the complete disconnect from the rest of the world. Ok, that last one is complete B.S. Do you know how difficult it is to NOT have the ability to Google something? Or how about when you see a dolphin out in the middle of the water and you want to send the video to your sister back home? Well guess what, you can't. Over the past 5 years or so I have gone from picking up my cell phone every few hours to send a text to relying on my cell phone 100% of the time...for everything...the time? a mirror? camera? radio? communication device? flashlight? You name it, there's an app for it.

2. Chap-stick
So you know when it is really cold and windy outside, and your lips start to burn a little bit? And then you lick them and they start to burn just a little bit more? Well that is how my lips feel 24 hours a day. I have been biting and picking at my lips for as long as I can remember, and now they are permanently chapped.  On an average day, I reapply chap-stick (Soft Lips cubes to be exact) about 15 times. This is not including the 4 times a day that I apply Vaseline to my lips. If I even start to think about my lips being dry I immediately have to reapply or I will go into complete panic mode. Completely normal, right?....

3. Redbull
Oh the sweet taste of Taurine, glucose and caffeine. My morning is never complete without an ice cold Red Bull. Sure, there are the obvious health risks caused by drinking energy drinks--rapid heart rate, seizures, caffeine toxicity--but I swear those warnings go right out the window when I taste that first sip each day. OMG guys there was NO Red Bull on the cruise. ZERO cans. Do you even understand how hard that was for me? I literally stopped at the first food stand I saw within 5 minutes of getting off the boat. Amazing...

4. High heels
There is nothing that I love more than getting all dolled up, putting on a face full of make up and slipping into some 6 inch stilettos. Are they comfortable? Not even a little bit. Do I enjoy the blisters that are constantly forming on my toes from being crammed into the smallest space possible? Absolutely not. But you know what? I am 5 foot 1 inch tall, so none of that matters worth a damn. With heels, I can pretend to be 5'6, and let's face it...there are legs, and then there are legs in heels. Which one do you think your hubs would prefer? Beauty is pain ladies!

5. My debit card
Quick much money is in your wallet right now? Wanna guess how much is in mine? $3.00. Just enough to hit up the vending machine at work a few times a week. There is nothing I hate more than carrying a ton of cash. (ok, I lied...there are a lot of things I hate more than that...but for argument's sake let's just go with it...mmmmm-k?) Anyway, who wants to carry cash nowadays? It takes up more room, it takes longer to pay with, and if you get robbed you are basically screwed. I use my debit card for EVERYTHING. Literally, the other day, I spent 36 cents on my debit card. Cash sucks, and I don't know how I would survive if someone took away my debit card.

So what about you ladies? What would be in your survival kit? Make sure you head on over to Man Crates Gifts for Men and check out all of their amazing survival kits---the men in your life will thank you!

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