Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Things that drive me crazy...

Things that drive me crazy...

So it has literally only been 4 days without a blog post, and yet I feel like I have been away from this place for months!! See what blogging every day can do to you? Whatever, I'm totally looking forward to the next 30 day challenge....

Today I am going to share with you some things that drive me crazy!! Like, absolutely bat-shit bonkers...Some of these may be true for you, but I'm going to guess that for the most part, I'm just a freak and let the little things bother me.

1. The hiccups...especially the painful ones that make you feel like your stomach is convulsing...and the ones that last through an entire episode of The Walking Dead. You can hold your breath while drinking a glass of water through a licorice upside down, and they are still there---nagging and lingering.

2. Loud motorcycles that speed past you on the interstate...or the ones that idle next to you at a stop light, causing you to miss your favorite part of a song. Cool, so I understand you like people to notice you and if you don't speed up to the front of the line you are going to miss the Harley convention, but please choose a lane that is not next to me. Thankyouverymuch.

3. That annoying piece of skin on the side of your know the one...You will bite it and bite it until it comes off, knowing damn well that it is going to hurt for 7 days afterwards. It will then proceed to get caught on every blanket, t-shirt and hair on your head, causing more biting and eventually wrapping a piece of scotch tape around it because you are at work and you are classy like that.

4. Movie credits...there is just something about the credits rolling and the song playing in the background that literally makes me angry. I have to shut the movie off AS SOON as it is over, and I will just about jump off of the couch to find the remote. You know how some movies will show a funny clip after the credits have finished rolling? Yea, I've never seen that part.

5. Whistling....omg guys I don't know what it is about whistling but it makes my skin crawl!! So one little whistle to get someone's attention or when the hubs whistles at me from afar--I'm totally cool with that...but when someone just walks down the street whistling some obnoxiously happy tune---I seriously want to scream.

6. When clothes are hanging out of the dresser drawers...I'm sure this is 100% due to my OCD...There is something about seeing the sleeve of a shirt or the teeny tiniest part of a sock hanging out of the drawer that kills me. I will stop whatever I am doing to walk over and fix it. This rule also applies to cords, paper and anything else that will obnoxiously weasel its way halfway out of the drawer.

7. People that make up words...for example..."funner, supposably, irregardless" to name a few...First of all, they are not real words...second, I am secretly judging you for using said words. And third, THEY ARE NOT REAL WORDS...Ok, I know I said that twice, but I feel like it is warranted.

8. People who overuse apostrophes...apostrophes are used for 2 things. To show possession and to join 2 words. If I am talking about Katie's shoes, there would be an apostrophe after Katie. There WOULD NOT, however, be an apostrophe after shoe. I feel like if you don't know, don't add an apostrophe. Less is more people.

9. Commercials...I know that this mainly has to do with the fact that I am Netflix spoiled, but commercials drive me insane. If I am watching something live, (which is super rare by the way as I will pause a show just so that I can fast forward through the next commercial), I get so flustered at the break, knowing that I have at least 3 minutes until my show picks back up. Netflix + DVR = best inventions ever.

10. Slamming your baby toe on could seriously be walking at snail speed, gently graze your baby toe on the side of the couch and suddenly you are laying on the floor, grabbing at your foot as though it were just chopped off, screaming every curse word known to sweet baby jesus. It doesn't matter how hard you hit it, your baby toe is definitely the wuss of the lower half of your body when it comes to pain.

There are probably like a zillion other things that drive me crazy, but I'll leave you with those for now. What drives you crazy?? And am I the only one who hates the ones that I mentioned?

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