Friday, August 21, 2015

I can't believe it's not chocolate!!!!

I can't believe it's not chocolate!!!

Way back in 1964, the fabulous Italians created a creamy, sweet, hazelnutty spread. It hit the market as an instant success and has increased in popularity ever since. This spread is better known as Nutella.

((Can we talk about this picture for a moment, and how
the sheer drippy-ness makes my OCD want to cry?))

Fast forward 51 years--

It recently occurred to both the hubs and myself that neither of us had ever tried Nutella. There was no particular reason behind not trying it, we just hadn't gotten around to it. We aren't really huge chocolate people (unless you count Snickers and Kit-Kats as chocolate...then that's a different story) and we just assumed that it tasted sweet and bitter and chocolate-y, so we had no interest in trying it. For whatever reason, when I was in line at the store the other day, I noticed one of the Nutella-to-go snack packs and decided why the hell not?! It was like $2.00, so if we hated it we could always toss it. Hubs laughed at me when I got in the car---another one of my bright ideas, right? bite of the creamy goodness and we realized what we had been missing all this time!! First of all, the texture was like heaven. Smooth and silky and wonderful! And the taste!! Ok, so you know how melted chocolate looks so delicious, and then you eat a spoonful and it is so unbelievably bitter and chocolate-y that you instantly regret it? (No, only me?..) Anyway, Nutella literally tastes exactly like melted chocolate, but without the weird bitter sweetness. I was shoving spoonfuls fingerfulls of the spread in my mouth at alarming speeds, each bite as tasty as the last!! How had I not tried this before?!? And why had I not bought 17 to-go packs?!?! And even crazier---did hubs try something new and ENJOY it?!?!?! This was a momentous occasion for the record books!

Most of you are probably reading this post thinking "Seriously, this chick is crazy for waiting so long to try this!! Does she live under a rock?!?" While this may be true, you should also know that I still haven't seen ET or Scarface, I didn't kiss a boy until I was like 15, and I've never parked in a handicapped spot. Like, ever. Let's just say I'm a little behind the times.

I haven't been to the grocery store since expanding my taste horizons, but you bet your sweet ass we will be picking up some Nutella on our next trip...and maybe Cheetos...because, obviously...

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On turning THIRTY!

On turning THIRTY!!!!!!

My blog was going really well for awhile, and then I got lazy. I'm really not sure exactly how this happened, but I have a general idea. You see, I changed positions at work a few months back, leaving me with much less time for slacking off (#hashtagworkinggirlprobs). When I get home after work, this bright red screen keeps appearing in my living room and I don't know how to stop it! (insert Netflix emoji here). So when you think about it, it's technically not my fault that I haven't written a post in 8 months. Blame = shifted.

I figured it was about time to log back on to the ole' blog not because I received several requests for a new post (which I have by the way, and it makes me SOOOOO happy that people are actually still reading this thing!), and not because I have run out of shows on Netflix (which is also true, and also sucks royally). Today's post is being written because this coming Friday marks a milestone in my life! This milestone is crazy and sad and depressing and million other negative things, but a milestone nonetheless. This Friday is my 30th birthday!!!!!



The big 3-0!!! 

That means that tomorrow is officially my last full day in my twenties! No more blaming my stupid mistakes on being a kid. No more using age as an excuse to not do this or not say that. As of Friday I will officially be a big girl. And you know what? It sucks ass. I have known for quite some time that this day was coming (for about 29 years now) but it is still hitting me like a ton of bricks. And there is absolutely nothing I can do about it! So instead of spending the ENTIRE post complaining about all of the goals that I have not accomplished (a big thanks to my desolate uterus for that one), I am going to instead list the amazing things that HAVE happened so far in my life. Because if we are being honest, the past 30 years have been pretty kick ass.

1. I am married to my best friend ♥ 6 years ago I was lucky enough to meet the most amazing man in the world, and for some crazy reason he picked me as his wife! I couldn't imagine a better person to be my husband, and he reminds me every day why I love him so much!

2. I have the best family a person could ever ask for. Between my parents, siblings, in-laws and nieces & nephews, I couldn't have lucked out any more! They seriously kick ass and you should probably definitely be jealous.

3. I have had the honor of meeting and getting to know all of my grandparents. For some people this may not seem like a huge accomplishment, but personally spending time with the 4 people that had a hand in creating you? That is an amazing feeling!

4. I have the 2 best fur-babies ever, who have made me a momma despite my baron reproductive system! I may not be able to bring them to the mall, or family gatherings, or pretty much anywhere where there will be humans/breakables/food/clean floors, but they are pretty damn awesome to have around!

Cj & Casper

5. I know that I already mentioned my nieces and nephews, but those 10 little rugrats need their own number. Those babies make me happier than anything, and number 11 will be no exception! (That's right--another niece/nephew on the way!!) 

6. I may not live in a mansion or drive a Ferrari, but the hubs and I have made a pretty great life for ourselves. Our quaint little house filled with 1 too many pictures and a million nick nacks is perfect, and the small town we have nestled ourselves into is an amazing place to live!

7. We are going to Europe next year!!!! That's right, next October we will be jetting off to Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone, take in the beauty of the Cliffs of Moher and frolic through the lush countryside!!! I may not make it there before 30 but damnit I am looking forward to every minute of it!

8. I have had my heart broken countless times, and I have broken a few hearts along the way. I have made mistakes, cried a million tears and carry regret deep inside. But every experience has been a life lesson, and every day that passes is a reflection of the last 30 years. So in the words of my hubs, age is a number that I have earned, and I will try my very best to embrace it!

.....Here's to thirty and thriving!!!.....

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Photo dump number 437670...or something like that

Photo dump number 437670...or something like that

Time for another photo dump!!! Which is basically another way of saying that I am a post writing slacker and I haven't shared any of these photos with you. Photo dump has a much better ring to it, dontchathink?

Nothing much new to report around here, still loving my new job and my dad will be moving down here in 2 days. The annual Keen Thanksgiving numero tres was a huge success, although half of the attending guests had the flu and the other half were being germaphobes and washing their hands every 25 seconds. And yes, the second half was me. Speaking of Christmas (good segway, right?)..Christmas is in like 3 weeks guys!! I am like super duper shit my pants excited! Besides the fact that everything is beautifully decorated and Christmas music is playing on all of the radio stations, everyone is SO much happier! Something about emptying your bank account on presents and sweeping up pine needles every 30 seconds puts everyone in such a good mood!! And even though is was 80 degrees today (80 degrees people) it is really starting to feel like Christmas here in the sunshine state!

Let's talk about TV, shall we?? TWD!!! SOA!!!! OMG I can't even believe this week's episodes!!! If you have no idea what I am talking about then shame on you and you need to turn on Netflix like yesterday and catch up. As I am writing this sentence I am debating whether or not I should be a spoiler and gush about everything that happened this week....ok, whatever, I'll let you find out on your own. But seriouslyyyyyy I can't even stand it! And now I have to wait until FEBRUARY to watch TWD and I only have one more Teller Tuesday forever. This is too much to handle...

Photo dump time!!!!!!

This is my nephew Mason, who is seriously one of the coolest people you will ever meet. And his hair is better than yours...omg look at that face

Thanksgiving dinner!!! And yes I needed two plates...and no I'm not sorry...

 Seriously, that french onion soup is magazine worthy

 My sexy hubby carving the turkey!

And since there's not enough food in this post....

And for good measure here's one of the hubs and I out to eat...

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Let's go painting....with a twist!!!

Let's go painting..with a twist!!

A little while ago (Ok, it was like two weeks ago and I am JUST writing about it now...hashtagbetterlatethannever?) I went with my sister and momma to "Painting with a Twist." I'm sure that like everyone in blogland has heard of this phenomenon, but just in case you haven't, I'll give you the rundown. Basically, if you have zero artistic ability and want to paint a swoon worthy photo, and get drunk, and laugh your ass off at how completely untalented you are, then Painting with a Twist is for you. There were 2 awesome instructors who literally walked you through the painting, step by step. Seriously guys, I know that some of my past craft projects have made me seem artsy (just go with it...) but I have no artistic ability whatsoever. Like, none. I am however, super creative and love a good chance to hang out with the gals, so it was amazing. And I got to eat cheetos while painting, so it doesn't get much better than that.

The picture of the night was an owl. And not like a boring brown owl with beady eyes and ugly feathers (because, obviously, that's what I picture when I think of an owl). But NO!! Not only was this owl colorful and adorable, but you could literally change anything you wanted about the painting as you went. Didn't like the eyes? Change the color. Not enough feathers? Add some more! Feel like making your owl look like he is wearing an Indian headdress? Sure, why not! Even though the instructors walked you through everything step by step, you were able to make it completely your own. And I was amazed at the little differences in everyone's finished product. 25 people painting the exact same thing, not one of them were identical.

I would definitely recommend signing up to go if you haven't already done so! I think there are locations all around the country, so most likely there is one by you. Or you may have to drive like 100 miles to find one, but whatever, it's worth it.

Here are some pics from the night:

The finished product...I know, fabulous right??

Now that I have managed to write an entire post about painting an owl, I'm off to binge watch some Netflix. Which, if I am being completely honest is the main reason that I have been like a ghost around here. And I'm only a little bit sorry.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to be a terrible blogger

How to be a terrible blogger

Forgive the random 2 week blogging hiatus, things have been a little crazy around here lately! I transferred from one branch to another at work, we have been some yard-sale fools and let's face it, Christmas shopping is the most fun thing ever. Add to that the fact that it is f-r-eeee-zing here in the sunshine state and you have yourself a terrible blogger. Let's catch up, shall we???

Like I mentioned, I moved from one branch to another at work. I was in my old position for almost 3 years and it was time for a change. The best thing about banking is that there are so many different departments and positions to transfer between, so you never get bored! My new branch is fantastic and amazing and a million other adjectives all wrapped into one...annnnnd I love it. It's closer to home, a zillion times less stressful, and I get to have lunch with the hubs every day. Sounds like a winner to me!

Now let's talk about babies! Babies, you ask? But Brianna, you are a cranky bitter infertile who HATES talking about babies...true story..HOWEVERRRR, sometimes a little baby talk is exciting! In March and May of 2015 we will be adding niece or nephew numbers 9 & 10 to the bunch! My sister-in-law is preggers with # 9 and my big sis will be adding # 10. Holy ridiculous amount of birthdays to remember! It's a good thing I'm the best aunt in the universe...(fyi, I am also the favorite aunt in the universe---candy, gum, soda, lipstick, jewelry? Sure, just come see aunt nanna..I'll give you whatever you want!) FYI, if you are also a cranky bitter infertile you should probably steer clear of this page during those months. There will be baby overload and I'm not even sorry.

Ummm, does anyone else realize that Christmas is in 37 days?! THIRTY SEVEN days people! It's a good thing we decorate our house in like September--one less thing to worry about. Let's discuss where we are with our shopping, shall we? We are finally done shopping for everyone in our family. D.O.N.E. Done! And we somehow managed to save like $3,000 from last year so, awesome. The gift shopping for the hubs is a different story. I literally have like 4 things for him (and if you know me or the hubs, that is completely unacceptable!), so I need to get on the ball!! Since we are bitter cranky infertiles (see above) with no kids, we spoil each other instead, and it is the best. Christmas morning literally consists of a ginormous pile of presents under the tree, on the couch, in front of the TV..pretty much every inch of usable space...and I guarantee we have more fun than you opening our gifts!! Now I just have to get to the store and buy everything....

In other dad is moving down here from Philly in 2 weeks! If you don't already know, my parents have been divorced for like umpteen years..I swear I think they only got married to create three beautiful little girls and then decided "Hey, we hate eachother...let's fight for 10 more years and then eventually be friends." ((Did I forget to mention that my divorced parents and my step-momma are friends?)) Anyway, holidays and birthdays and Saturdays are soooooo much easier when you don't have to split them up between parents..and now both of my parents will be within 5 minutes of me which means I can be even MORE lazy!! Andd that also means that we only have to work on moving my big sis and the hubby's big sis down here and we will be good to go!!

I hope everyone is staying warm in this crazy ass weather..Seriously, it was 72º outside on Sunday, and the low for today is 25º...ummm, how is that even possible??? Anyway, I promise not to leave you again for 2 weeks!! (ok I don't promise, because that would be asking for failure...but I'll try my hardest!!)

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